David Sharp

David Sharp is a noisy librarian. He loves connecting readers to their next favorite books, as well as encouraging other writers to produce new favorites that he can recommend.

He has written three plays which have been produced six times altogether. More recently he has written a novel for which he is seeking representation. Seeking representation, turns out, is a long and winding road. Who'd a' thunk?But he's had a lot of encouragement from other writers and professionals of the industry, so he holds on to hope. Meanwhile, he's enjoying the developing sequel and working on other projects.

He feels that writing about himself in the third person is a lot like talking about himself when he's not in the room. Yep. That's pretty weird. Nevertheless, he is grateful for the NCW community of writers and all the services and support they offer. He has benefited greatly from their experience and expertise, and he hopes you will too.

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