Friday, April 26, 2019

So You Are A-Writering Or Known As The NCW Writers Conference


Ronda Simmons and JC Lynne

First, let us say for everyone at Northern Colorado Writers, YIPPEE! Whether this is your first conference or you are a veteran, buckle up for as much fun with people that some of us can stand. 

The NCW Conference is an excellent place to observe the social habits of the everyday writer. 

Note, these writers will not be in their native habitat. They may be a little nervous and slightly skittish, so best approach with optimistic caution. 

The Approach

It's good to rehearse some useful phrases in their native tongue:

What genre do you specialize?

What are you currently writing?

Are you pitching?

What are you reading these days?

Of course, be prepared to answer these questions as well. Writers find comfort when they can parrot topics when speaking in person. If interaction begins to falter, writers find themselves at a loss to fill in empty gaps on the fly.

Identifying characteristics 

Many writers exist in their natural surroundings in drab and often pantless attire. This springtime ritual provides a seldom social interaction that brings out the best in some.

Experts note when at the conference writers move into many different varieties from office casual to office formal. It isn't uncommon to see writers in anything from denim to pearls.

It's essential to feel well groomed, but comfortable as well. Also, the conference environment ranges in temperatures. It's vital to think about layering in case areas are too cold or too warm. Writers are delicate creatures and prone to the elements.

Existing In The Wild

It's common knowledge that writers are foragers. They will quickly identify water holes and coffee supplies in any new environment. Some writers find the specialized delicacy of a particular coffee chain and will find comfort in the lobby location.

Not only is there a lot of brain power and peopling occurring, but the very fact of being in a large group of strangers also drives the appetite. 

It's critical to have access to high protein, low sugar grazing supplies to avoid friction within the gathering group. Protein bars, nuts, or trail mix are good examples.

Economic Expenditure of Resources

Writers will often succumb to brain freeze at one point or another during the days of the conference. You'll notice glazed eyes, the inability to form complete sentences or recurring sighs. 

Gatherings like these are strenuous and take patience and pacing. 

Books are a particular temptation to all writers. Like chipmunks on acorns, writers eyes are always bigger than their budget. There are so many varieties offering mouthwatering delights. No matter how determined, writers will buckle. 

Writers are particularly attracted to signed copies of their favorite tomes and are often most excited when the autograph is written to them personally. They will form long lines and wait extraordinary amounts of time to grab their prizes.

Good luck observing the everyday writers at the Northern Colorado Writers conference. If you run into any problems, just look for a member of the NCW staff for guidance and encouragement.

We hope your excursion will be fruitful and can't wait to see, meet, or help you!

Get Thee To The Conference

How To Make The Most 

Walking the Talk

Post-conference care

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Deborah Nielsen said...

. . . in anything from denim to pearls.

Pearls and denim really do go well together. :)
Hope all attendees have a great time.
I'm not going to make it this year. I've enjoyed the few I've been able to attend. I always learn something new.

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