Thursday, September 6, 2018

The Write Purpose

By Jason Meadors

I will never give a seminar on how to make a great living as a fiction writer. Because I don't. Now, I do make a comfortable enough living doing my real-world job. It pays the bills and allows Sherri and I to have some time to travel and play now and then.

I get asked by arguably too-kind people from time to time, "Why aren't you with some publisher to get your books wider distribution? They're good stories!" I love to hear that, by the way, so don't hesitate to say so if you pick up something of mine someday. Insecurity is a hallmark of creativity.

And I tell those people the nonfiction story we writers know so well: The numbers game of agent/publisher is a daunting one. And if you self-publish, to get wide readership, you pretty much need to take on a second job of promotion.

I loathe writing query letters and despise marketing, not only for writing but even for my own non-writing business. I don't have time for another job. So I'm uniquely and poorly suited for cobbling together a ramp of success upon which I roll up to new heights of greatness and pass that experience to you from on high.

If reasonable money from writing is but a hopeless fancy, why not just stick to my job and skip writing? I can best answer this way:

Yes, I like my job. But when I'm on vacation, I don't pull out the laptop and do work for the fun of it. But doggone it, I will work on a story and as noted in my prior blog, however much we enjoy it, it is work. And I'll continue to churn those words and ideas even if they're seen by no one but my family and most faithful beta readers.

I simply love writing good stories, that's my passion.

---Kate Morton

I think it's what I'm supposed to do. It feels that way. We stay true to our purpose. Writing is mine. And most likely it's yours too. So feel privileged. You have a wonderful environment to realize your place in life. 

All it takes is a little time and a keyboard.

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