Sunday, April 1, 2018

NCW Moving to New Location

By Ronda Simmons

The Northern Colorado Writers has just announced it's new location: Charlotte, North Carolina. Along with the move will come a name change, The North Carolina Writers.

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The Queen City Welcomes NCW!

Director April Moore, a rabid Carolina Panthers fan, chose the new location because the cost of flying to watch her favorite team play at home had just gotten "too darned expensive."

Sir Purr Approves!

"Besides," said Ms Moore, "The North Carolina Writers, can recycle the former NCW logo, saving thousands of dollars, which I can put to use upgrading my season tickets.  It's a win-win!"

JC Lynne, the managing editor of the Writing Bug, has not yet decided if she will also make the move, but  Laura Mahal, NCW member liaison, is adamant that she will not.  "As a die-hard Rockies fan, I could never move to a state with a team like the Hornets. No way, no how, not with my allergies."

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NCW's new headquarters

For more information on the move, including communal housing and profit-sharing, go here.


Laura Mahal said...

Why I cannot move to Charlotte with North Carolina Writers, in fifty words or less:

"From Scottish kilts to Southern lilts, Nascar race teams to Bank of America dreams, Charlotte is a great place to be. Just not for me.

I’m a hardcore Pittsburgh Pirates fan. I wear black and gold, not white, grey, and teal, for I come from ye old City of Steel."

Never fear, NCW members. I will still be here to answer any and all of your questions, from my comfortable seat in fine and dandy Fort Collins, Colorado. Home of the Rockies and rattlesnakes and really fine writers. Not necessarily in that order . . .

Ronda Simmons said...

Laura, I had no idea how multitalented you were until I located the link to your webpage.

I'm so impressed!!!!

shenke said...

The hair- need I say more??? April’s always foolin’ these NCWphites;)

Patricia Stoltey said...

This made me giggle!

April Moore said...

Ha! Well played, Ronda, well played!

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