Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Showering: A Gift That Gives and Gives

By Jason Meadors

I met with my writers' group recently. Not MY writers' group, but they've accepted me so I can claim membership. It's a cool group. I was in a group in the '90s, but it was a group that sucked your creative soul until complete desiccation of imagination was achieved. My will to live was nearly drained.

This group is not THAT group. The writers are supportive and encouraging. They are engaging minus the saccharine Pollyanna glaze. Interesting outlooks, quality perspectives, and solid advice leave me energized and inspired.

Our recent discussion focused on the origins of creativity. Is creativity an external esprit hovering for writers to pick like giraffes munching from an Acacia Tree? "My best ideas arrive when I'm in the shower," I said.

Affirmation traveled through the group. 

Showers are magical. The flow of water inspires.

It seemed to be a shared experience. My theory is a shower is the closest thing to an isolation chamber that I have in my life. It empties the mind and frees my thoughts.

In the shower, we're not concerned with how we look. There are no mirrors. If you have a mirrored shower, shut up right now. We're not concerned with our clothes unless you take showers differently than the rest of us. We can't work. We can't address our backlog. 

It is just us, isolated from the world, getting clean while the water, yes, flows over us. Being in the shower is the singular task at hand.

Cold showers don't inspire. Cold water is not the gateway to creativity. Trust me. A cold shower means strategizing the least amount of time to get the cleanest with minimal water contact. This also applies to plunging into a mountain river after a night of rain, yow!

I'm talking relaxed, hot, soapy shower. That's the other thing about showers.

The pure symbolism of the shower is a gift. 

You wash away the detritus and distractions along with whatever D-words you can. You step into the shower in one state and come out clean and refreshed. You are, for lack of a better analogy, reborn.

So, some of us conceive our best ideas in the shower. The mind clears and the magic of subconscious, that unseen alternate path, emerges from the noise of everyday life. 

Showers are magical. My group has it right. Are you stuck? Take a shower. You'll thank me and the world may thank you. 

Jason Meadors is a veteran court reporter, former Marine, and family man. He writes everything from Macabre to Suspense. He has a blog of ponderings at


Deborah Nielsen said...

Inspiration, for me, comes when I'm driving at night. Alone in the dark. Cocooned in my own little world a part of my mind is free to wander. Where headlights turn into rivers of brightly shining beads. And the radio is proof of invisible things surrounding us. That's where I find my magic. Your writers' group sounds like a great fit for you. It's hard to find the right group.

Sarah Reichert said...

Some days, my friend, I don’t ever want to come out of my magical shower box... the world outside is so cold and filled with adulthood. Right you are. Wonderful post! Have you seen the “shower notes” available online? Great for creative flashes of genius.

Ronda Simmons said...

This is a really good post, Jason Meadors! I somehow accidently made it into the second round of a short story competition and I've got 24 hours to come up with a 2000 word sci-fi involving a coroner and a deserted beach.
First step: take a shower!

Laura Mahal said...

Oh, goodness. I'm afraid I've got it all wrong. When I want to stimulate massive amounts of creativity, I generally roll up my sleeves and put my (ungloved) hands in the soil. I like touching roots and airlifting earthworms to new locations. The smell of last year's organic apples, the ones that lodged in the mulch all winter and tempted the earthworms, reminds me to stay present. Showers are afterthoughts, often sandwiched in the two minutes remaining to me before I absolutely must dash out the door to drive someone to an after-school sport.

I'll take your advice to heart and perhaps my acceptance rate will increase exponentially. Thanks, Jason!

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