Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Top Ten Highlights from the 10th Annual NCW Retreat

By April Moore

The 10th Annual NCW Member Retreat, October 22-25, proved to be a fun, productive, and relaxing event. No surprise. Fifteen dedicated writers with lofty goals + the revitalizing powers of Rocky Mountain National Park is a recipe for bestsellers. While there were many highlights from the retreat, here’s my top ten:

1.) Seeing Jack working at 5:30 a.m. with his headlamp (and realizing he’d been up and working since around 3:00 a.m.) No wonder he surpassed his goal of 20,000 words!

2.) Hearing that Eleanor received an email from an editor of a Big 5 publisher who is anxious to read more of her manuscript that her agent sent.

3.) Wearing pajamas and slippers for 3 days.

4.) Meeting with the locals.

5.) Listening to attendees say they can’t wait to sign up for next year’s retreat.

6.) Watching everyone crush their goals. We collectively wrote over 89,000 words and edited over 500 pages. Wow!

7.) Taking in the scenery.

8.) Having Jack slave in the kitchen on the last morning making a breakfast feast for everyone. 

9.) Getting to know new NCW members Dani, Don, Beth, Kari, and Eleanor. (The perfect event to make an NCW debut!)

10.) Soaking up the amazing, creative energy generated by 14 incredible writers!

A big thank you to all of you who attended and to the YMCA of Rockies for making this a memorable 10th year of the retreat! Mark your calendars . . . we're tentatively scheduled for
October 14-17, 2018 for our next retreat!


Laura Mahal said...

A huge congrats to Jack, Eleanor, and everyone else who attended the Writing Retreat.

May Jack and his headlamp shine a light for all of us as we follow the meandering path to the top of the fourteener. (I guess I'll volunteer to protect us from the mountain lions, bears, and bugling bull elks. We'll all play a part in ensuring each NCW member reaches their lofty goals.)

Cheering for you from my lowly altitude of 5,003 feet--your friendly neighborhood Member Liaison.

Ronda Simmons said...

April, your post has made me wish I could have attended the NCW Retreat! Maybe another one in the spring? Please?

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