Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Mind-full Writers

By Sheala Dawn Henke

Winter is here. Time to face the dreary underbelly of the season and along with it, a recurring theme.

One many of us are still schlepping around in our subconscious pockets like gong-sized mantras, chanting, “Slow the fudge down!”

Mmm! Fudge!  

Notice how your brain did that? Here you are reading about coming down from the height of the season, and one word has you cavorting back to the sugar-coated dreams of yesteryear.

Unfortunately, this will only serve as a temporary escape from the inevitable reality that awaits. Despite your brain’s attempt to distract you with the delicious concoction you likely ate too much of over the holidays, coming back to reality can sometimes literally bite.

Like it or not, this turn of the season is inevitable, and it most assuredly will drag on for another few more months. In the meantime, your muse awaits. For many of us, the revival of our literary soul is as jarring as reawakening in mid-hibernation.

Let us love winter, for it is the spring of genius. -Pietro Aretino

Yet, our words won’t write themselves. It’s high time to confront the less pleasant euphemism for the term “fudge” with what’s left of the tasty harmony we all had over the holidays.

Despite the onslaught, we all know what challenges life can create for our writing. Accept the status quo to your life’s relentless clutter and your writing is doomed. Time to defuse those guilt-tripped bombshells that keep getting tossed in with a failed attempt to keep up with the Joneses and throw them back. It’s time for a mid-winter “Mind Yeti” intervention.

Who the hell do the Joneses think they are anyway?

There Are No Snakes.
YOU are not a trip-wire awaiting detonation. YOU draw the map to your life and decide how it writes itself on the page. What determines your success on this path has more to do with YOU than the fates or anything else standing in your way. Not to mention the little nudge you get now and then from professional support networks.

Organizations like the Northern Colorado Writers Association whose sole existence is to support you and help you set out on your journey. Awaken your senses to this and YOU are ripe for a shift no matter what gets in your way.

Use your writing as a form of meditation. Find that sacred space to wake up to it each and every day. Be mindful of your cause. Stand outside yourself to observe what gives you the greatest joy. Give your passion time and space and hold steady onto the reins. If something is getting in the way of what you value most, work your way around it. And if in the end, you discover you are still pandemonium’s best friend, accept it, mold it, and give it the gentle nudge it needs to be on its merry way.

Today, focus on who YOU are (as a Writer). Put a tailspin on the distractions.  

Remember, YOU, like the universe are malleable and expandable.

Breath. Let go. Winter is here and it’s time to shape the shift out of your writing life!

Onward and out!

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A Colorado native, Sheala settled in Fort Collins with her family where she attended college at Colorado State University and has taught in the Poudre School District for over 18 years. Writes, reads, teaches, eats, sleeps, repeats. Sheala's series IDEA 33 is available on Amazon.


Ronda Simmons said...

Excellent advice, Sheala! It's so easy to fall into the doldrums this time of the year but we don't have to take that path!

Laura Mahal said...

Love the reminder that we are malleable! I can choose to pick up the pen tomorrow, submit to a writing contest, email a friend, edit a manuscript, or be a grump on a stump. (Except it is Wednesday, so I am definitely going to be "over the hump.")

Cheers, and happy winter writing, everyone~!!

Patricia Stoltey said...

It's hard to refocus after the holidays, so relying on our support groups like NCW is one of the best ways to get back in the writing groove. Thanks, Sheala.

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