Wednesday, December 7, 2016

On How I Missed a Blog Post

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By J.C. Lynne

Wow, time flies. I can't believe how fast this fall has gone. I think I skipped September and just moved on to January. Okay, okay, not January, but November is over. And don't even get me started on Daylight Savings's not Daylight. It doesn't save daylight, and it just mucks up my entire schedule all over again!

That said, looking at my blog schedule, I realized I completely forgot both a blog on my own site and a blog for NCW. I'm blaming it entirely on DST.

I'm not one of those folks who's in a great hurry to see December disappear. Yes, 2016 has been a doozy, but I'm holding my breath because 2017 doesn't look to be a winner in my book either.

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My avalanche of progress on the NCW Writing Retreat quickly melted in the unseasonably warm weather. Along with the multitude of other struggles we seem to be facing, can you say, "Hello, plot stall."

Maybe it's that time of year....the transition from one temporal era to another. Laura Mahal and Deborah Neilsen are also feeling the pall.

It isn't just the writing. I spend twenty minutes freezing in my office before I realized I had left the window cracked open for the warm weekend. Jeez! I was so desperate I actually Googled astrological phenomena for the end of 2016. You know what I came up with? Pages and pages of predictions for an amazing and dynamic year from the end of 2015. I'm not one to pooh pooh things, but really? I think the year didn't get the memo.

Oh, I fleshed out some plot points. I've come to a point where I need to hit the dreaded research pile. Fungi...I'm reading about fungi. Russian fighting knives were infinitely more interesting. I'll spend the last little bit of the year digging away at mycology and that's okay. The unfortunate truth is time will fly by faster than I can keep track. It'll be 2017 before we know it.

It's not the extra trip around the sun I mind so much. Heck, every day I put my feet down under me is a win. It's the feeling what I write is trivial. In a time when I see real ugliness in my world, not the global stage, but right here in our little part of the state, are my words relevant? Is a chilling tale of spies and genetic engineering worthy? Should I pursue my non-fiction yoga project? Is being an author enough?

Time will tell. Bottomline, I have a deadline. I'll have to eke those thirty thousand words out one by one if I must. In the meantime, I must say, it's nice to kvetch with other writers. Writers' stall is writers' stall any way you look at it. I'll pull out of it, one word at a time.


David Sharp said...

Personally, I think chilling tales of spies and genetic engineering help me get through the rough years. And this one was a doozy, wasn't it? "Story" is a powerful force deeply hardwired into our psyche. I think it's a large part of how we understand the world around us.

Is it with relief or dread that we put 2016 in the rear view mirror and plow into whatever 2017 holds? I'm not sure, but I do know I'd like a good book handy either way.

JC Lynne said...

I keep telling myself that....this darn third book won't write itself no matter how much I berate it! Gack!

Deborah Nielsen said...

Yes, tales of spies and genetic engineering are worth it. The worse things get in real life, the more I read. That's my version of burying my head in the sand. And I have a feeling I may be doing a lot of that come next year, as of 1/20/2017 especially. So keep on going. I appreciate other writers' efforts. They help me delve into worlds far away that I can't create myself.

Patricia Stoltey said...

I think I'm living in a perpetual state of writer stall with occasional bursts of frantic writing after which I need a nap. Why is it so hard just to sit down and work on a project? I think it's because we don't have a boss and don't receive a regular paycheck... Back when I was employed in the real world, I had no trouble keeping my nose to the grindstone.

JC Lynne said...


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