Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Dog Days of Summer Too Early

JC Lynne
The Esau Continuum

By J. C. Lynne

I haven’t written much lately. Summer has arrived. I know it’s not an excuse. I have written in summers past. I wrote three-quarters of The Esau Emergence over a summer. Locking myself away in the office for two and three hours at a time, usually before anyone climbed out of bed.

This season sort of crept up on me even though I wait for summer the way a bird waits for a beetle.

I have two projects in full work mode. The last in The Esau Continuum and a non-fiction yoga project to be announced.

My brain is playing tricks on me. I’ve made it a goal to write for two hours a day. Not the same two hours, but taking the gaps in my plans to sit and peck out the words on the computer. I’ve managed a couple of days to hit that mark. Outside of that writing time, I’ve been hiking one day a week. It’s a thing I love to do and didn’t do much of the last two years. Breaking an ankle puts a damper on it.

My Big Evening Plans Turned Into This After Ninety-Five Degrees
I’ve also committed to reading this season. I have two books to review. I’m revisiting an old favorite, which is still fun but so terribly written.

Thank goodness it’s an annotated version, the author made note it was the very first book they’d written, and they cringed as well looking back.

Those aren’t even a dent in the stacks of books on my list. 

The Esau book is making noise, but sometimes those two hours are eked out word by word, sentence by sentence. Ugh.

You know it's hot when my keyboard is radiating and not because I'm on writing fire.

Even now, at six thirty on a Sunday morning, the first cool morning we’ve had in over a week, I feel I should be sleeping late. Where am I? Waiting for the espresso machine to heat up and pecking away at the keys. The books I’m reading sit on the counter in the queue.

With the break in the heatwave, I should also be getting into my scrubbies to pull weeds and do some trimming. Sigh.

The push and pull, the tug of writing against the demands of the day are buffeting me lately. Oh, they swirl all of the time, but this week, and maybe it’s the first slam of heat, they are bumming me out. Not enough time.

Summers used to be languorous. Even when the kids were little, summers passed by at a more leisurely pace. My favorite season of the year is zooming by like a driver in one of the Fast and Furious movies. Blink and you might miss it.

We also live in one of the most beautiful places. Thirty minutes to the west puts me in hiking country. I haven’t been on the bike yet this year.

I think I need a pool. I'd never leave the yard if I could cool off with a splash. 


I guess I’ll make my coffee and step into a book while I shake off the impulse to weed or clean while it’s cool. I might even put in two hours of writing.


Patricia Stoltey said...

Writing two hours a day should be a doable plan. Now that I've freed up some extra time by finishing other non-writing projects, I'm going to try for two hours as well.

JC Lynne said...

Unfortunately, today my early two hours has turned into hours and hours of weeding. I'll reboot after I tackle this jungle!

Patricia Stoltey said...

I decided to use the weeding as exercise when I need to get up from the computer. We're supposed to hop up and do something like walk or stretch every so often, so pulling a few weeds seemed to fit the goal.

David Sharp said...

You know, I have found summers to be a very tricky time to write on any kind of regular schedule. Easy enough to find inspiration with all the stuff going on, but finding the time to put pen to paper seems to fall by the wayside. Personally, I've found that it's best to accept the break, but pick up a calendar and decide what day I will start up again. Then I don't allow myself to write anything until that day. By the time it comes, I'm really chomping at the bit.

"Ah procrastination, my old enemy. Let us finish this once and for all. Well, maybe tomorrow..."

JC Lynne said...

I'm going to make that my mantra....take a break, read and battle yard work. I've been really down on myself the last couple of weeks (granted I spent one of them in bed with the summer flu) about my lack of word productivity.

I'm not waiting for inspiration rather allowing my brain the break it apparently is taking regardless of me ;)

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