Wednesday, June 1, 2016

I Need An Office!
The Esau Continuum

By J.C. Lynne

Sometimes I'm The Only Person Who Gets Me

As a full-time writer, I try to schedule writing time every day. Some days are better than others.

There are days when I manage one word at a time until I finish an actual sentence and then there are the days the characters are so loud I can't work fast enough.

I frequently run dialogue out loud to hear how it sounds, to tighten up the scene, and to see if what I'm imagining fits the characters. The car is the perfect place for this because most folks think I'm talking on the hands free.

I've caught strange stares in the grocery or at the gym only to realize I've been mumbling a scene or character conversation aloud.


The Beard and I technically share an office. Not a good idea. He exudes a strange electromagnetic field that dampens my creativity. He also tends to answer back when I talk out loud. It interrupts my flow, and THEN when I am speaking to him, he doesn't respond...go figure.

Yesterday, I had a scene bouncing around my brain like a pinball. It wouldn't go away. I had already decided it needed an out loud run, but everyone was home! I didn't feel comfortable pacing and shouting out dialogue so I narrated all of my actions in a falsetto operetta.

Kill The Wabbit! Kill The Wabbit! Kill The WABBIT!

If You Ever Need to Entertain Yourself, I Recommend This.

The Beard wasn't amused, but I felt immensely better. Of course, I didn't get that particular scene down, but a win is a win.

An outside office has been on our To Do list since I started working on The Esau Emergence in ernest. I keep sharing pins with the Beard, but it hasn't lead to any concrete development. I'm particularly fond of the shipping container idea.

Just One of The Many Suggestions I Send The Beard

A few years ago, when we remodeled the backyard we installed a pad for a shed. It's still there...empty, void, vacant.

The Beard has threatened to empty out the current office of all of his things so I can work 'in peace'. It's a great idea and a lovely gesture, but every time I start to get boxes out for his stuff I can tell how serious he isn't.

Many authors will expound on the virtues of a private writing space and believe me, I'm listening.

For now, today, the house is empty and I've set up my recording studio so I can pace and rant and rave my dialogue without disturbing anyone. The Writing Staff are unperturbed....they're used to me.

Are You Talking To Us, Mommy?


Patricia Stoltey said...

I have my own office, a tiny bedroom in the coldest corner of the house. It's on the 2nd floor, and it sits within a stone's throw of the neighbor's garage where their son practices his drums or jams with a few friends. Across the hall is my husband's office which is bigger and warmer than mine in winter. It's also a noisy place because he is a ham radio operator and he practices Morse Code sending daily. Sometimes I get him to use headphones so my subconscious can stop trying to interpret code which I learned well enough to get my ham license many years ago, then immediately forgot.

In spite of all that, I feel blessed to have this space of my own. I do wish I could overcome the accumulating paper and clutter problem, but that's a problem for another day.

David Sharp said...

If writers can't walk around talking to themselves in ridiculous character voices, then who can? I like to take walks to get the creative juices flowing, but I also find myself talking out dialog and gesturing wildly as I go. I wonder how long before this behavior results in a drug test. "Honest, officer. It's just my creative process!"

JC Lynne said...

Haha! You two Crack me up. Pat, I'd learn Morse to be sure the Beard wasn't plotting and David, I've recently learned we should have an account for those types of events!

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