Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Have You Been Bitten?
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By J.C. Lynne

Many of us are finally gathering our wits after the Northern Colorado Writers Conference. It took me that long to gain my balance again. The two weeks of slain didn't help. 

Slain? The ungodly mix of rain and snow not needing a shovel, but requiring socks and an umbrella.

If you missed the conference, well...I won't rub it in. The marvelous Colleen M. Story wrote up a little something about it. Yes, THE Colleen M. Story the Beard is already tired of hearing about. She clearly made an impression on me about the difference between working too much and being productive. 

She's also a pretty snappy dresser. Just saying.

If you're here, you've been bitten by the bug. We all have. It's an insidious virus frequently responsible for loss of sleep, the pile up of dishes, and the constant conversations with absolutely no one. 

We welcome you to the infected masses!

If you're new to NCW or The Writing Bug, we've made some changes to our routine. We've said teary goodbyes to some of our bloggers and cheery hellos to a couple of new ones. 

The blogging schedule has changed a bit. Rather than deluge you with content every day, we'll have a new post once a week. 

We also have some floating guest spots. If you're interested in writing something for us, please email me at and I'll see what we can arrange. 

Being local means you can join us once or twice a month for our member events. It's good to put on street clothes once in a while and we'd like to see you.

Also, it gives your pets a chance to miss you.

Much gratitude for tuning in every week and seeing what our merry group has to say about writing. 

All of that said, write. Write as though your life depends on it. Write as though you're saving your sanity. For some of us it's too late, but save yourself! 

Write. It's what we do.


Patricia Stoltey said...

The conference got me going again too. I totally understand that comment about the amazing Colleen. Her productivity session was the highlight of the conference for me. (I'm sure you've heard that comment before.)

My experience co-editing my blog and the RMFW blog has taught me that writers are incredibly shy when it comes to guest blogging, especially if they don't already have blogs of their own. And yet, when I email one of those shy writers and ask them to do a guest spot, they are thrilled and eager to participate. Why is that? Lack of confidence? Reluctance to volunteer? Guest blogging is a relatively painless way to make new friends and to promote your name and your work. I highly recommend it.

JC Lynne said...

I was so glad to see you out and about at the conference! I understand your puzzlement. When you asked for guest bloggers, I jumped at the chance, but I can't seem to find any for my own blog let alone the NCW one.

I'm looking forward to seeing more of your face!

Colleen Story said...

Oh man, thanks ladies! So very nice. I worked hard on that presentation so I'm grateful to hear the positive feedback and so glad it was helpful. Thanks for the shout out, JC! I'll be checking back on these blogs in the future. :O) And hey, I'd be happy to do a guest blog sometime.

JC Lynne said...

Now you did it, I'll be tapping you for a guest blog both for AND NCW....hmmm, I wonder what Colleen would say about that ;)

Patricia Stoltey said...

JC, I'd also be available to do guest posts after the first of June.

JC Lynne said...

imma email you!

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