Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A Place to Call Yours

by Deborah Nielsen

Writers tend to fall into two groups; those who can write anywhere no matter the distraction level and those who prefer a quiet place.

Sometimes I wish I was the sort of writer who could work on a project just any old place, but I’m one of those people who prefer a quieter, permanent place to write. A place I can leave source materials out, have pens and paper handy, a place to put the laptop, internet access, have a little music . . . . you get the picture.

I’m lucky because as a single person with an entire house to myself, more or less, I can set up a writing area anywhere.

The canines, however, think the house is a enormous doghouse. 

They can make having a place for writing a bit problematic if I want to set up at the dining room table. When I vacate the chair for more than a minute or two, Riley, the snoop extraordinaire, will squirm onto the chair to sniff and push things around with his nose.

If he gets enthusiastic, he’s on the table.

Dear Riley
Pens and pencils drop to the floor, papers rustle and fly off the table top. I yell. He shoots me the death look. I scoop him off the table and plop him on the floor. I’ve ruined his fun. He’s messed up my writing project. Neither of us is happy, so we’re even. 

Chinese Cresteds can be a bit stubborn.

For those of you blessed with a houseful of distraction, there are many ways to find peace and quiet.

  • Go to the library. There are quiet places where you can set up for a few hours, and there’s free wi-fi. Our library in Cheyenne also has a coffee shop so sustenance is just an elevator ride away.
  • Check out your local coffee shop after the morning rush is over. You may be able to find a quiet corner table to work at for awhile. J. K. Rowling wrote some of her early Harry Potter books at her neighborhood coffee shop.
  • Libraries, with their extended hours, may work better than coffee shops for those of us who work and who need to write in the evening. Coffee shops are an alternative if you have time during the day.

Retro Trailers Are Great!

Laura Resau, uses a vintage camper trailer and parks it in her backyard. 

It can double for camping or as a guest room. If you’re a woman who likes camping and Fly fishing, check out a group of women called Sisters on the Fly.

Or buy a wooden shed for your backyard. Some manufacturers let you custom order windows and doors, as well as other features.
You Can Store Your Motorcycle In Your Office!

You can make it more homey by finishing the interior and decorating to suit your style.

At the recent home and garden show in Cheyenne, there was a new custom shed builder offering barn cabins complete with porches and lofts, the barn-shaped shed gone upscale. Tiny writing house, anyone?

Where is your favorite place to write?


JC Lynne said...

It must be in the air because my next post is a rant, a three-year-old rant for office space!

Abbie Taylor said...

Fortunately, I live alone with no pets so don't have this problem, but will definitely keep your suggestions in mind in case that changes.

Patricia Stoltey said...

Deborah, I know what you're talking about with the dog assistant. I now have Sassy dog to help Katie Cat disrupt my life (but I wouldn't give up either of them because they're too much fun and so much comfort).

I have a room of my own, full of clutter and way too close to the neighbor's garage where their son plays his drums and sometimes invites friends to jam. But I'm not complaining. At least not this morning. All is quiet, including the dog who's napping at my feet in my upstairs office and the cat who's napping on the back of the couch downstairs. And the kid next door is not drumming.

But oops, husband has turned on his ham radio across the hall and the volume is a little high. Morse Code has a way of scrambling my thoughts (and creating static on my computer). I may have to head for the library after all....

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