Tuesday, April 5, 2016

"D" Do It, Don't Think It

by Rich Keller, host of the NCW Podcast

In this week's episode of the NCW Podcast I interview Ernie Cline. No, this is not the full name of the Sesame Street character. This is the name of the author of Ready Player One and Armada, both out in paperback and both prepping to be movies. In fact, Ready Player One is being helmed by some guy named Steven. I think the last name is Spielbob or Spellberg.

Prior to his time as an author, Ernie wrote screenplays. One of these turned into the movie Fanboys and eventually led to the publication of his books. What did Ernie do differently than other creatives out there? He decided to do screenwriting and novel writing. He didn't think about it.

I'm sure some of you have heard your friends and family say at one time or another "I think I'll write a novel," or "I think I'll paint a picture," or "I think I'll have a rear end as big as a Kardashian's." Yet, when you ask them about these projects weeks later, they're still in the thinking stages. I'm sure there are many answers as to why this is; however, from my experience, I feel it's a simple one -- they think with their heads and not their hearts.

The mind, or in this case the ego, is there to protect us humans from doing silly things. Sometimes it works -- you don't stick your hand on a stove burner, do you? Other times the ego is a helicopter parent. It hovers over you and says what you're about to jump into is not the safest way to go. It gets frustrating, for while your heart is the calm voice, the ego screams at you to stop because of the reasons it figured your ideas wouldn't work.

Take some advice from Ernie Cline and a sneaker company and just do it. Don't spend your time thinking about whether being creative is a good idea or not. Tell your ego to be quiet for a few hours and let your heart guide you in the right direction. Soon enough, you may be listening to your heart more than your head.

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Dreami Tom said...

Take some counsel from Ernie Cline and a tennis shoe organization and get it done. Try not to invest your energy pondering whether being imaginative is a smart thought or not. Advise your conscience to be peaceful for a couple of hours and let your heart guide you in the right bearing.I'm Dreami working on federal job resume. Before sufficiently long, you might listen to your heart more than your head.

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