Monday, March 28, 2016

Why can’t politicians be like US?

Beautiful TV during March blizzard

By Jennifer Goble

No explanation is needed when debate, primary, or caucus are spoken or written. We get it.

I minimize noise in my world, but I have a need for daily news, and there they are, yelling, pointing, naming, blaming; all the things my mother taught me not to do.  

Rex Harrison in My Fair Lady, sang, “Why can’t a woman be more like a man…be more like us…be more like ME?” Watching Western Tuesday results and Wednesday morning news, I wondered, why politicians can’t be more like writers, like US? They could learn from our good example.

Writers are friendly
so eager to please.
we share what we know
help others with ease

We think and we ponder
We write and correct
wish good for each other
and strive to connect

I know we’re not perfect
well, maybe we are
we critique and encourage
set a very high bar

We scheme, shoot, and murder
make-belief crooks
We leave mean and hurtful
between the covers of books

We research with diligence
cross-reference with pride
spend budgets on experts
get rejections, and cry

We might rant and rage
we could even be bitter
But we want to succeed
so we just stick together

Who said we can’t compare apples to oranges? Comparing unrelated activities intrigues me. Finding similarities in opposites makes good stories. Seeing one event through various lenses contributes to suspenseful plots and colorful characters.

I seldom watch TV, and when I do, I don’t like programs involving conflict,  and inappropriate or
Beautiful TV during March blizzard
uninformed communication. Even still, I tried to find purpose in the unavoidable presidential coverage. I consider my quest a success; it motivated this blog.

There was a brick wall in my creativity path this week, and I could not think of a topic for NCW’s Writing Bug. After listening to the morning news, I had fun writing. It’s been a while since I rhymed words. 

On a serious closing note, I do believe, as writers, we get a lot of things right. We have current and historical models for excellence, and we are a courageous and honorable group.

If politicians could strive to be more like US, Rex Harrison nailed it. 

What do you like about US?

Until the next time: Live while you live!

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Author: My Clients…My Teachers: The Noble Process of Psychotherapy

Columnist: South Platte Sentinel


Patricia Stoltey said...

I love this post and your poem, Jennifer. I love writers and their consistent willingness to help others, especially beginners, develop their skills, network, and succeed in this crazy world of publishing.

I. A. Mullin said...

I agree they shoud be more open to rejection and learn from it. So many polititians have their names on books, but they should listen more to their ghostwritters and learn better manners.

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