Thursday, March 3, 2016

The Structure of Creativity—Train the Creative Geniuses to Come When You Call

By Tracee Sioux

Many Creatives have a common, ginormous problem. They create whenever they feel inspired. They wait and wait and wait for the Geniuses of Inspiration to pop by and give them a flood of information, a story line, a sentence, a book.

They never write. They only wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. They call this "writers' block" and feel despair and guilt and self loathing because they can never quite get to the work, the inspiration is elusive.

This is not writers' block. This is just doing it wrong.

What it really is is the Ego distracting you, telling you there is something magical to wait for. Telling you that you can't write because you have to wait. The Ego is a big fat liar.

See, the Geniuses of Inspiration don't come to those who wait, they come to those who write.

I learned this as a journalist who was always on deadline. You just don't miss a deadline, it's sacrosanct and there are serious consequences to missing that deadline or being late. The paper or magazine won't go out. Or it will have blank spaces.

Being open to Creative Flow is actually a discipline, a habit, a ritual.

When you regularly sit down to write, at the same time, on the same day the Geniuses know that you're available for the inspiration. You train them to come when you call, by calling them over and over and over. They begin to trust your open channel for Flow. So they come. They deliver new and inspiring ideas.

Your job is to invite them and then write. It's a partnership. You have to do your part. You have to create the space for them to come and do their job.

Like those deadlines this should be sacrosanct. It should simply be built into your life. It should be built into your calendar. Not only that, you should also impose your own deadlines on your work and then hold that as holy. A holy offering to the Geniuses, a holy commitment to yourself, a holy devotion to your craft.

So how? When you're so busy and have some many responsibilities.

You have to make choices about your time. What's important to you? Is this really sacrosanct? Is this work really your calling? Is it really something that's valuable to your Creative Life?

If so, you have to put the time in your life to make it happen.

I know one writer, she works full time, has kids, one of which has very special needs and a husband. Her life and her time is very, very full. But, she writes. And she publishes and she meets deadlines. She does it while her kids are at extra-curricular activities. She drops them off at dance class and goes to a coffee shop and writes. Her secret is consistency. She doesn't blow off the writing and go to the grocery store. She goes to the coffee shop every time and the Geniuses of Inspiration show up. It's like they have an appointment and both parties honor it.

I, personally, keep regular work hours, carving out time for creativity. It's my job. I may be the boss, but I hold myself accountable. Sometimes I'm not writing a book, but I'm creating other content. In addition, I carve out time to create a Creative Cocoon for myself in which I clear my calendar for a week or a month and I create. Whatever project I'm working on, I devote my attention to it, I hold it as sacred time. A communion with the Geniuses.

As a result I've never had "writers' block."

The Geniuses show up when you train them to. When they trust you to show up.

So hold this craft, this calling with a holy respect. Because you deserve it, the Geniuses deserve it and your calling deserves it.

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