Tuesday, March 8, 2016

NCW Podcast 53: The World of Children's Books with Laura Backes

by Rich Keller, host of the NCW Podcast

Laura Backes loved children's books so much that she left her job as a literary agent and, along with her husband, created the Children's Book Insider newsletter ans writerforkids.org. Both have become huge successes and a source for children's book writers to learn and network. We talk to Laura this week on the newsletter and website, the current state of reading choices for school-aged children, and how technology has changed the genre. You can listen at PodOmatic, iTunes, or the NCW show page for the program. You can also follow us and leave comments on the episode at iTunes and PodOmatic.

This week's sponsor
This week's episode of the NCW Podcast is sponsored by the classes of Kathryn Mattingly. Want to publish those short stories? Want to find out if you work needs a professional edit? Attend Kathryn's two classes at Front Range Community College to find the answers. More information at www.frontrange.edu, select Continuing Education.

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