Monday, February 29, 2016

One size fits all?

One size does NOT fit all drinking fountains

By Jennifer Goble

Clothing tags, “One Size Fits All,” makes me squint and shake my head. There is no way one shirt, or whatever, can fit everyone. It could be true in Asian countries where most people are short and petite, but not in my world.

The same is true for writing and reading. My style does not fit all, and neither does yours. I try to remember and celebrate my uniqueness when I sit at my keyboard.

Secretly, I want everyone to like what I write, and if someone gives me negative thoughts, or if they say nothing, I doubt my skills and creativity. I ruminate the intelligence of Viktor Frankl, the humor of Barbara Johnson, the research of Truman Capote, and the prolific contributions of John Grisham. Then I tell myself something like, “How can you compete with them? You don’t even come close!”

Then I remember their work doesn’t fit all either.

Someone wise once told me, “Don’t think so much!” As a mental health counselor, I have said to many clients, “You are you, and that is good. There is not another you anywhere in this world. Be yourself.” 

One size fits all? Not anymore
Teaching and believing are two different critters. I can teach how to build confidence and self-esteem, but believing and living it myself is challenging. I have many counseling strengths, but just as many writing insecurities. 

We all write differently, prefer writing and reading different genre’s, and wonder if our writing is relevant or of interest to anyone. I try to believe I am not the only writer with insecurities. 

One size fits all does not apply to many careers and crafts. Thank goodness! 

I must need approval when I compare my writing to the wealthy and famous. If so, it must be buried deep in my psychic, because I believe I write to share information, give new perspectives, and offer validation to each reader’s life. 

I (and you) need to give up trying to be like someone else. Nobody sees what we see. Nobody reasons as we reason. Nobody possesses our wisdom because we have unique experiences. 

I love sitting at my keyboard and having my words directly connected with my head and heart. I marvel at the thoughts and messages on the finished product. My writing shares me with you, and, what is more satisfying?

My writing does NOT fit all. Does yours? 

Until the next time: Live while you live!


JC Lynne said...

This happens to me when I read a stunning book. VE Schwab's Darker Shade of Magic is killing me right now. I think, "Wow, just quit now because you don't write this beautifully."

We're hardwired to believe in the fraud. As The Beard would say,"We need a software patch."

Jennifer Goble said...

Isn't that for sure. We truly are our finest critic. Thanks for the thoughts.

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