Tuesday, February 23, 2016

NCW Podcast #51: Igniting Your Writing Spirit with John Lee Dumas

by Rich Keller, host of the NCW Podcast

John Lee Dumas, author, successful entrepreneur, and host of the daily EOFire Podcast, talks with us this week about his favorite books, how writers can remain focused in their personal journeys, and the tremendous response to The Freedom Journal. You can listen at PodOmatic, iTunes, or the show page at the NCW website. This is also where you can get show notes and links referenced on the show. You can also leave your comments about the program here or at the PodOmatic page.

This week's sponsor
This week's episode of the NCW Podcast is sponsored by Tears of the Silent Crow by Drew Bankston. Join Gary & Stacy Winslow on a all-expenses paid honeymoon to Hawaii that leads to car chases, police, poisonous snakes, and a two century old mystery. Available now via Amazon and Kindle.

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