Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Celebrity Will Suit Me. Really.

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by JC Lynne

You know the feeling of walking into a glass door you didn’t see? I had that moment the other day. Oh, I didn’t walk into a door. Thank goodness. Not that I couldn’t walk into a door. It is precisely the sort of thing I would do. It didn’t happen the other day. 

The new folks at our local liquor store didn’t recognize me. Wow, I read that and realize how it sounds. Yes, for a long while the folks at the liquor store knew me. We used to go to wine tastings every Friday evening. We might drink … a little, oh jeez, maybe a lot. The result was a small case of celebrity. 

I like it when my local peeps know me. For instance, at the grocery store. The clerks who have been there a while smile and wave. They herd me into their line because they know I’m not your typical grumpy customer.

Zoinks, now you know how I spend my life. Can't contain the glamour ... cough,cough.

This is one of the reasons I’m looking forward to becoming a best-selling author. Yeah, yeah, I can’t wait to earn a living wage. Oh sure, a movie deal would be grand. And the book signings, come on, who among us doesn’t love it when people ask us to sign our books? Please.

I’m also looking forward to having a me to help me. Someone who will double check the calendar. Someone who will make sure there is milk available for my coffee and someone who will help me organize my life. I can’t wait to say, “Hey, Nathanial Rateliff and the Nightsweats is sold out at Red Rocks. Will you see if you can get tickets?” 

My personal rant lately is against Bots. I typically see two or three Red Rocks shows a summer. Haven’t been able to score a ticket to a show yet even when stalking the ticket site the minute the tickets go on sale….it’s not like I’m trying to see Adele or anything!

Back to the liquor store, we’ve been shopping at Costco more often. With my days at the gallery in FoCo, I’ve been hitting Wilbur’s more often. To be honest, I can’t remember the last time I went to our local watering hole. Walking into the place to not one familiar face didn’t bother me as much as having to remind the clerk what name our points were under. Such an effort!

Let’s face it, famous authors are famous without all of the hoopla. The reading audience isn’t the Paparazzi. Sure there may be selfie requests and autographs, but I can take it. Really, I can.

Let me prove it to you. Review my books and let’s get a movie deal! It’ll be drinks all round!

And then everyone will know my name....hum with me!


Patricia Stoltey said...

I'm a celebrity, too. The lady at the post office counter in Sprouts has called me a "regular" many times. Sigh...

JC Lynne said...

:) I love it! We lead such glittering lives!

At least we're not dodging the paparazzi and can still dress casually to run errands.

April Moore said...

I'm tight with the folks at Vitamin Cottage. If I fail to show up more than twice a week, they start posting fliers. I vary where I buy liquor and it's not because I was embarrassed by our frequency of visiting on place, but because I know where to get the best prices for different liquor!

JC Lynne said...

Is that an app? Because as a broke writer, I definitely need discounted wine!

April Moore said...

No, but it should be!

JC Lynne said...

Million dollar idea! I'll get The Beard on it!

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