Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Your Writing Bug Lineup for 2016

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By Rich Keller

At this time of the week you normally see April Moore's column. Well, April has moved on to greener pastures -- Director of Northern Colorado Writers. Joining her in those green swaths of grass are Jenny Sundstedt, Kelly Baugh, and Sarah Reichert.

Yes, to paraphrase a certain mumbling folk singer, The Writing Bug is a' changing. Over the next few weeks you'll be meeting six new columnists. Yes, I said six, because we are adding Thursday to our regular lineup of columns. Along with our Tuesday NCW Podcast spotlight, this now gives us a five day a week schedule. Try to clamp down your excitement.

Let's give you a rundown of the new folks joining our team in 2016:

Laney Flanagan: You may recognize the last name. Laney is the daughter of Kerrie Flanagan, NCW founder and former columnist for this very site. Laney is studying Creative Writing as a major and is taking April's slot in the schedule.

Debbie Hardy: Debbie has been a long time member of Northern Colorado Writers. Known as the Queen of Resilience, Debbie is the author of Stepping Through Cancer and Free to be Fabulous: 100 ways to look and feel younger at 40, 50, and beyond.

Deborah Nielsen: Deborah has provided guest columns for The Writing Bug over the last few years. In addition to writing, Deborah loves dogs and motorcycles. We're not sure if she lets her dogs drive her motorcycles.

David Sharp: David is writing a book on zombie hamsters. Or, maybe that's what I dreamed. Regardless, David comes to us via the wonderful Farr Regional Library district based in Greeley, Colorado. This means you need to turn your books in on time before you read his columns.

Tracee Sioux: Tracee is the Queen of YES! Her books include The Year of YES! and Soul vs. Ego Smackdown. The second book is not about the WWE.

Joe Siple: Joe is a fairly recent addition to Northern Colorado Writers. A former TV sports reporter, Joe has written a number of manuscripts which are now in the hands of a nimble agent. By the way, Joe and his nimble agent are guests on the January 19th edition of the NCW Podcast.

You are going to hear from all of these folks by the end of January. At the start of February the new schedule is as follows:

Monday: Jen Goble and David Sharp
Tuesday: NCW Podcast Spotlight
Wednesday: JC Lynne and Laney Flanagan
Thursday: Debbie Hardy and Tracee Sioux
Friday: Joe Siple and Deborah Nielsen

Please welcome our new columnists with open arms and virtual chocolates. Or virtual arms and real chocolates. Get ready for a new era at The Writing Bug!

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Patricia Stoltey said...

I'll miss the old team, but your new blogging team sounds fantastic, Rich. I'll be looking forward to reading all the posts.

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