Friday, January 15, 2016

What Lies Ahead

By Sarah Reichert

Its time to move on, time to get going.
What lies ahead I have no way of knowing.
But under my feet, baby, grass is growing.
Its time to move on. Its time to get going.
 -- Tom Petty

Every chapter of our lives is an important stepping-stone to the next; to what lies ahead. Each experience we have leads us away from certain destinies and towards others. It shapes what we want and what wants us.

For two years I’ve been blessed to contribute to The Writing Bug, discussing everything from writing and publishing, to the pitfalls and joys of the craft. I’ve met amazing people, taken their hands in help and offered mine in return. This chapter has been truly amazing and has afforded me opportunities that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. I encourage my fellow introverts to grab similar writing opportunities that open up to them. It is scary at first, but you will grow in so many beautiful ways.

The Writing Bug has taught me a lot about the process of blogging, the discipline and the technicalities. I’ve learned enough to continue on in different forums of the blogosphere. (Keep your eyes peeled on Be True Be Love for future posts from me.)

The NCW and its blog has given me enough confidence to sign up for things I would never have tried before, like signing up for speaking engagements about writing, editing and self-publishing. (Somebody’s gotta get out of her pajamas for that one.)

I’ve learned many valuable lessons and have conquered this chapter.

So, like Tom says, it’s time to get going.

I’ve decided to leave my position at The Writing Bug in order to open the way for a new contributor.

I will always be a writer and will continue to launch myself into new prospects and keep up with my beloved ones. I will finish and publish my final novel in the Southtown Harbor Series this summer and look forward to the next characters and stories to come.

I have new chapters before me and I can’t wait to write them.

My greatest hope, gentle readers and writers, is that you also have new and exciting endeavors to embark upon.

Never stop learning, never stop growing.

Write, everyday.

Believe in the power of your words and do good things with them.

When you find yourself in the doldrums of writer’s block, or in the throws of crippling self-doubt, check in with the Writing Bug: (
or shoot me an e-mail (

We have all been there and none of us escapes it alone. Stay inspired. Stay focused. And always, above all else, happy writing.


Dean K Miller said...

Happy Travels and best wishes in your writing and "other" life! By the way, I edited a poem you inspired in me last summer...I'll send it along when I think it's safe to see.

Patricia Stoltey said...

Good luck with your new adventures, Sarah. I'll miss your posts here, but I know the new lineup of contributors will also be excellent. I'll check out Be True Be Love too.

Sarah Reichert said...

Dean--Thank you so much! I'm looking forward to whatever is over that next horizon. I can't wait to read the poem, and its very flattering to think I could inspire a man so inspirational himself. Talk to you soon!

Pat-- I am also looking forward to the fresh I mean the new bloggers. It will be great getting new ideas and perspectives. I hope to see you soon. Thanks for your comment!

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