Monday, January 11, 2016

The Post Where Maggie Smith Bids Me a Fond Farewell

Post by Jenny

Good morning, and welcome to the last episode of Downton Abbey! I can’t wait to see what happens when Lord and Lady Snively find out it was their little nephew (and half-leprechaun) Pennyworth who let the orangutan loose in the garden during Duchess Shortbread’s tea with Tex Bluster, American oil baron and inventor of the self-throwing lariat. (And wasn’t it a hoot last week when Cousin Imelda accidentally activated the lariat and found herself securely tied up in the arms of her ex-love Maximus Von Platz, the fortune-telling former spy who was disguised as a one-legged Australian ostrich feather importer?)

Okay, you've probably realized by now that this is not the last episode of Downton Abbey. (Surprise! I’ve never even seen Downton Abbey.) But it is my last regularly scheduled post for The Writing Bug. And believe it or not, I do have a little something in common with the popular PBS series: it debuted in 2010, which is when I started here at TWB. Also…well, that’s where the similarities end.

Thank you to everyone who spent a little time with me here on Monday mornings, when you could have been working/writing/sleeping. And please do keep visiting The Writing Bug, which, according to Dame Maggie Smith, is “The best blog for writers. Ever. That slouch Jo Rowling should read it so she can learn a thing or two!” (I am such a liar. Dear Mags never said that.)

As for me, well, I’ll still be around, writing, helping make the annual NCW conference awesome, and trying to overcome my chronic procrastination and virulent resistance to all things social-media-related. So look out, all you tweets and pins and pound signs hashtags. Here I come! (Apparently, you tweeps may follow me on twitter at @JennySundstedt, though if you happen to have carrier pigeons that can bring me a REAL direct message, that would be flippin’ amazing.)

Oh, wait. A bird just dropped something on my desk. (No, not the same something birds drop on my windshield all the time.) It’s a note:

Goodbye, Jenny, and good luck. I will miss you ever so much.
Love, Maggie Smith

Awww. She is such a sweet lady.

So long for now, friends! And keep writing!


Patricia Stoltey said...

You haven't watched Downton Abbey? Oh, Jenny, you're missing so much good drama.

And I'll miss your posts on the NCW blog. You are always a breath of fresh air and your humor is delightful. I wish you tons of good luck on your current and next big projects.

Jenny said...

Thank you so much, Pat!

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