Tuesday, January 5, 2016

NCW Podcast #44: Screenwriting, Past and Present, with Trai Cartwright

by Rich Keller, host of the NCW Podcast

Trai Cartwright has worked in the movie and television industry for almost two decades with stints in Hollywood, including Orion Pictures, and Colorado. In addition to teaching the craft of screenwriting Trai has founded the Colorado Script Exchange, and outlet for screenwriters to display their wares. We discuss these topics with Trai in the third season premiere of the NCW Podcast. Listen to it at the show page, PodOmatic, or iTunes.

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This week's sponsor

This edition of the NCW Podcast is sponsored by Tears of the Silent Crow, the 9th book by Drew Bankston. Meet Gary and Stacy Winslow as their all-expenses paid Hawaiian honeymoon becomes a mystery filled with poison, police, and a 170-year-old treasure. Available January 15 via Amazon and Kobo.

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