Friday, November 20, 2015

Writing For Truth

By Sarah Reichert

Our world is crumbling into suffering. Attacks, bombings, wars, natural disasters, hatred and venom being fired through the streets and across social media. It makes it hard for the light hearted to stay light. It makes it hard for a writer to find something positive beneath the rubble.

I’m not here to preach. This blog isn’t a soapbox to espouse my political viewpoints or decry whatever injustice is sticking in my craw at any particular moment. But something should be said for the written word in times of trial.

Some people turn to religious texts for comfort. Some turn to scientific theory. Some turn to drugs or alcohol. Some turn to binge-watching episodes of New Girl and inhaling half-a-dozen old-fashioned donuts from LaMar’s (please, no judgments). It’s important, gentle writers, to find our comfort using our words to make a meaningful and practical difference in our world.

In these days of the media’s over-dramatization of everything, wordsmiths can be the voice of reason. I, for one, would love to see intelligence take over the spread of information again.

What does that mean exactly? It means we have the power to gather the facts of situations. The facts; (not objective observations laced with political leanings) so that we can present the clearest view of happenings and build solutions based on what we know to be true.

Okay, it’s easy for a mostly-fiction writer to throw this idea out there, but even the most non-reality-writing based of us has the power to work for solutions for our world. We all know how to find credible resources and we all know how to look at a story from the perspective of all involved.

This world is complicated. We have a moral obligation to stick to the truth, and facts can lead to real solutions for those in the direst of need.

So read with a discerning eye, and write with a commitment to truth. Know the financial backing of the talking heads on television and the hot-air-bags shouting from podiums across cornfield rich states, because the best way to find the truth is to follow the money. Look at each situation from every viewpoint, and approach social discourse with civility and the end goal of working together to make the world a better place.

Use your words for the betterment of humankind. Speak with good purpose. Seek and spread the truth. Inform, educate, and inspire. So that when life throws these insurmountable battles at us frail, and fantastic human beings, we can prevail together.


Bill W said...

Good job,Sarah! We all need to focus on the facts,thank you for the reminder.

Dean K Miller said...

All stories, fact or fiction, create a world to live. It's up to us, the readers, to use our judgement (good or bad) to decide if that's were we want to live in this moment. Thus is the power of the writer and his/her words.

Patricia Stoltey said...

Outstanding post, Sarah. There is a huge audience out there made up of very gullible folks who are easily manipulated. If there's any way to reach them with a voice of reason, it will be writers who do so. Truth and facts are foreign concepts to politicians and much of television media.

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