Friday, October 2, 2015

She said it way better than me...

by Kelly Baugh

The kids have been back in school for nearly a month and that means coherent thought has slowly been returning to me in flashes of beauty and insight.

An idea for better character development in a manuscript I'm revising.

A plot twist that will make for a much more dramatic conflict in a new rough draft.

A clever way to hide organize all my husband's climbing ropes in our new house that minimizes questions from guests as to why we have thousands of ropes clutter.

I've also started to read and listen to interviews from a wide range of authors. It's fascinating to see how all of us come at our craft from such different places. However, the best one I've read in the past few weeks is the one I found on Elizabeth Gilbert on Brain Pickings.

You should most definitely read and listen to the interview in its entirety (I've included the link below), but here's one quote to mull over on this beautiful fall morning:

"You know, [trying to force your writing/muse] is the same thing as the question of free will and destiny, the question of creativity — you, the artist, you’re not the puppet of the piano, you’re not the puppet of the muse, but you’re not its master, either. It’s a relationship, it’s a conversation, and all it wants is to be treated with respect and dignity — and it will return ten thousand times over."

For the rest of the interview, click here. And here's to not forcing our creativity, but instead allowing it the freedom found in any healthy relationship.


Patricia Stoltey said...

Kelly, I just ordered a copy of Gilbert's book yesterday. Thanks for the link to the interview.

Now tell me more about all those my house, it's wires. My husband adores electronics and gadgets with wires. There's no way to organize them, so I need to come up with better ways to hide them.

Anonymous said...

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Kelly Baugh said...

Pat, my hubby is a rock climber, so we have climbing ropes everywhere (that you must absolutely NEVER step on! Or else you weaken them!). We also have assorted twine, nylon and hemp rope, because ... why not just have more ropes around? Also, I throw them away all the time--don't tell!!!.

Loran Fabyuel said...

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