Friday, September 18, 2015

That's right. I made $7.

by Kelly Baugh

I had a fun conversation with my new neighbor today.
It started out with pleasantries:

Him: You're working hard. What are you planting?
Me: A lilac hedge. Digging up all that grass was not fun.
Him: I don't really like lilacs.
Me: Um ... well now there's six of them in between our adjoining yards.

Then it turned to careers.

Him: I'm a [content edited for privacy]. What about you?
Me: I'm a writer.

That always brings a twinkle of excitement to a new acquaintance's eye. However, when he began to probe into the details of my sales and finances I could see I quickly lost any coolness cachet that I had briefly earned.

Him: So like how much would you say you've earned over the past week from book sales?
Me [eyes darting wildly around my lilac bushes. This is too much like math. And it feels too personal. I have no idea what I earned in the last week and even if I did, would I tell you?]
Him: Just a rough estimate.
Me: [shouting first thing that pops into my head] About $7.
Him [disbelief, snorting laughter] Are you serious?
Me: That's right. I made $7.

[FYI, that's probably a generous estimate].

The conversation ended pretty quickly after that. I'm sure the content of our chat will make its way around the neighborhood. Probably all my new neighbors will be hitting me up for small business loans or help with their favorite charities.

The whole thing reminded me of a hilarious buzzfeed page I had recently read, so I will post it here for any other writer whose life doesn't quite live up to the perception.


Patricia Stoltey said...

LOL -- best post ever, Kelly. I've had similar conversations with non-writers.

Most recently, it's "So when is your next book coming out?"

I say, "Uh, well, I haven't finished writing it yet, so maybe, uh, well, maybe 2018?"

Dean K Miller said...

Awesome! And you've doubled my pay since June: $3.30. Yeah baby, on the road to retirement! Loved this post.

L.G. Keltner said...

I've been in similar situations. For me, $7 in a week would be a pretty good one.

Sarah Reichert said...

Yes! I know the pain of earning that smooth single-digit paycheck. I get similar comments "You must be rolling in the cash." Yeah, I suppose I could put a five on the floor and roll around on it...but then my dog would just think it was something dead. It's really representative of all of the work we put in, isn't it? Thank you for the was worth a million in my book.

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