Friday, July 24, 2015

Book Marketing Ideas That Work

Post by Kerrie
Filling in for Kelly

The very first book, Cornelius Comma Saves the Day, was published way back in 1998. I went the self-publishing route with that title and had mild success with it. Since then, with the explosion of the Internet, print on deman and social media, the world of publishing has been flipped upside down. With all of this churning about, marketing a book can cause many authors to want to crawl into a corner and curl up in a fetal position and block it all out.

With my first book, there were only so many options when it came to marketing. The Internet was a toddler at the time, socia media didn't exist and Amazon was in its grass roots phase.  I sent out press releases, found education and home schooling conferences to have a booth at, did some school talks and reached out to my main market (teachers) through mailings. It was calculated and a pretty standard way to market books.

Fast forward to now---things are shifting and changing so fast, what worked a year ago for marketing a book, doesn't work any more. I've heard Twitter isn't as effective any more, some say Facebook is the way to go,  Google + popped on the scene to confuse us, some swear by GoodReads, others tout Instagram, some see results with LinkedIn and blogging gets mixed reviews.

With all these marketing options on the scene now, what is an author to do? I wish I had an answer or a list of sure things for you to do, but I don't. I'm hoping we can actually help each other out here.

So, all you authors out there hawking your wares, let's talk. What is one marketing thing that has worked for you in the past 6 months? Something that actually showed an increase in your sales. Please share what it was in the comments so we create a helpful resource list for each other and maybe make all our lives easier.

I have my own publishing company now and am trying many different marketing approaches. One thing that worked for me recently was doing a promotion on Kobo. I offered a couple of my Hot Chocolate Press books at a discounted rate for a weekend and I let the Kobo Writing Life team know I was running the promo. It worked. One of the books appealed more to the Kobo reader and sold about 30 books. I felt it was a success considering how easy it was to implement and it helped raise awareness of the newly released title.

So, What has worked for you? Let's help each other in this crazy, constantly changing world of book marketing and provide some much needed support. :-)

Happy Writing and Marketing!

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Sarah Reichert said...

Hi, Kerrie! Great post. Marketing is tough and I'm, by no means an expert, but I've found that one of the best (and hardest) things I ever did to sell my books and gain interest was to talk about it. In old and new circles of friends when they find out I've written a book they want to read it, not because they're sold on the book but because they like me and want to support me. I warn them, it could be a waste of their money (often, I give it for free in exchange for honest critique) and more often than I believed possible they all enjoyed it, told friends about it, wrote reviews, and keep prodding me for the next one. Its hard for me to talk about myself to others, I'd much rather be the fly on the wall, learning about people, but sometimes when you put a little faith in yourself, it carries your work out into the world.

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