Monday, June 22, 2015

The Smaller Victories

by Rich

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Last week I received a call from my wife while doing something important at the coffee shop. Probably eating nachos and watching cat videos.

"Congratulations," she said with enthusiasm.

"Why?" I asked with caution, believing my sex video with Kim Kardashian had finally been released on YouTube.

"You sold two copies of Coffee Cup Tales at the bookstore," she said.

"Oh, neat," I replied with relief and a note to myself to call Kim and negotiate a settlement for the tape.

Frankly, I had forgotten about the books I placed on consignment. Each time I had gone to the store the three copies of Coffee Cup Tales I gave them remained on the shelf with those of other local authors. The consignment check meant I sold two-thirds of my inventory. A definite small victory!

As a self-published author and small press founder I need to take the small victories when I can, especially when things aren't moving as swimmingly as I had thought at the beginning of the year. Nothing gets a creative person down then when they have a hard time carving out hours to create. It's even worse when I look at my monthly sales.

I understand it takes time, marketing, and published works to build an audience. However, when I hear about all those self-published authors making six-figure salaries I have to wonder if I'm doing something totally wrong.

Then I pull back and listen to my own advice. I recently presented a talk at my local Ignite! event where I described how to get away from the couch and be more productive. The last item I mentioned to the audience is to have patience with their projects. So, while I want my six-figure income NOW, I'll pull back, work hard, and take the small victories as they come. One day, in the very near future, I know they'll turn into bigger wins.

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Abbie Taylor said...

Congratulations on the sale.

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