Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Celebrating Life

By April Moore
Late last summer, we planted a couple of trees. When planting, we never really know what will happen, but we usually hope that these beautiful trees will take root, thrive, and live long, healthy lives. By fall, one of the trees, an Autumn Purple Ash, transformed its green leaves into a gorgeous mixture of plum-orange glory. Then they all fell off. Just like that; there one day, gone the next. About this time, I had begun writing ideas for a new novel; planted the seeds, so to speak. Because I had to work on edits for a novel that came out earlier this year, my new idea (along with our young tree), went dormant.

I worried about this little tree all winter, wondering if it'd make it, or if it had gone into shock. Only time would tell. When the warmer season arrived, it seemed our Ash was taking its sweet time to make its springtime debut. While all the other neighborhood foliage burst forth, our little guy remained quiet. Then finally, some sprouts of green appeared and I could at last, let out my breath.

So what about those new story seeds I sowed last fall? Any emerging signs of life? At first, I thought that like that of our Ash tree, my next project was merely a slow bloomer. But after many attempts at cultivating, I think the seeds I planted were duds. (I'm blaming all the rain we've had.) But the thing about seeds, is that they're resistant little guys and it's never too late to plant more.

I think about my dear friend, and long-time NCW member, Jerry Eckert, who passed away last week. He lived a tremendous life of caring for and helping others around the world. His writing also bloomed later in life. Knowing he may lose his battle with cancer, Jerry finished his novel and his memoir, both of which are beautiful shining examples of what years of care and cultivation can do with the seeds we plant.  

As for me, I will continue to plant and cultivate ideas in hopes that one will take root and blossom.


Patricia Stoltey said...

I consider it a great blessing that we had Jerry in our lives through Northern Colorado Writers. Knowing his memoir will get published is a comfort.

Kelly Baugh said...

A beautiful post, April. I only knew Jerry in passing, but kindness and joy shined from him. He will be remembered.

Sarah Reichert said...

This is a beautiful and insightful post. Thank you for writing it!

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