Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I'm A Writer, Not A Whoo Hooer

By J.C. Lynne

I've become a fitness class attendee. This is big for me. I'm not a joiner, never have been. I played singles tennis for a reason.

One of the reasons I avoid fitness classes is the abounding good cheer of the instructors. Let's face it, fitness instructors are buoyant and frequently exclaim, "Whoo Hoo!"

I'm not a whoo hooer. I don't go to the gym to chat or to catch up. I'm reluctant to partake in small talk. I also don't need badgering. I have a strong motivational ethic, most days.

Exerting enormous effort on a spin bike doesn't inspire my exuberance. I'm trying to breathe and not die. Bless my spin teacher's heart, she keeps trying. Being a non-whoo hooer doesn't mean I don't appreciate the effervescent among us.

I don't seek them out or anything, but if I'm in your class I've found something I enjoy. Please don't take my sincere lack of enthusiasm personally. I'm not bouncy, chipper, nor jolly by nature.

My one BIG rule as a teacher was 'Stay Outside of the Yellow Line'. No hugging. You have your personal space and I have mine. Students started taking it on as a challenge. I didn't exactly stiff arm kids, but I remained unhugged.

I'm a writer. It's one of the things I love about the job. Independence. I don't have to make nice with the boss. She's kind of a b*&^%.

My time is precious and I spend it on a few select people.

If I'm coming to your class regularly take it as a huge compliment. I value your job as an instructor. That said, if I don't show up, it's none of your business why.

Okay, there are instructors (yoga...cough cough) whom I don't enjoy, but the benefits of the class outweigh their annoyance level. The instructor tried to call me out on it today. "I noticed you always leave early. Are you just coming for the stretching?" I politely responded with a "I have somewhere I need to be."

It's the same when people don't read my books. Well, almost the same. I don't really know who is or isn't reading my books, but I think the logic holds. We've both put effort into something we enjoy. We've crafted something meaningful to us. Now I've built the analogy I feel a little pinch of conscience for the yoga teacher.

I'll get over it.

I'm exuberant at concerts, in my kitchen, and when I'm sure it will annoy the Beard. For the most part, I'm a writer...happy in a world unto my own


Patricia Stoltey said...

Me, too! I finally bought a recumbent exercise bike so I could park myself in front of the TV, cycle, and not have to answer any questions or suffer through any raised eyebrows about my lack of enthusiasm.

JC Lynne said...


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