Friday, May 1, 2015

A World Without Writers

by Kelly Baugh

My family is moving. Again. I calculated it is the 15th time I've moved since my husband and I decided to go on this crazy roller coaster together.

Does not compute.
Because I've moved so many times, I feel like I should get the process, the terminology: loan origination documents and inspection objection deadline and earnest money. But I don't. Instead, the whole process is terrifyingly reminiscent of math class from about the 5th grade on. I would hear the teacher talking, see numbers going up on the board and then ... nothing. My brain ceased to function. It was as if the words dribbled out of my ear seconds after they were recognized by the auditory section of my brain.

With this move, as in math class, I try to understand. I mentally coach myself: "This time you will get it. You just have to focus. Ask your nice Realtor/Loan Officer/Banker to explain what those words mean once more. Don't be afraid to ask for clarification."


Has any other writer out there ever wondered, "What is with this creative brain? Why can't it understand word problems about trains departing different stations or the difference between median and average values? Why can't it get the concept of escrow and title documents?"

I was feeling a little down on myself about all this, but then I stumbled across this great video on YouTube:

Confidence regained.

The world needs me and all you writers out there. We create, stretch and critique the language of the world around us. Pat yourself on the back even if you can't do math or understand the inner workings of the real estate market because "Whatever, Scarlet" would have been terribly anticlimactic.


Laura said...

I love that video! Will be sharing this post.

And actually, my writer brain CAN handle story problems. That's the math it does best, because story problems are, well, stories. Now, formulas which you say to use just because you say to, prof? Sorry, can't make sense of that. :)

Jenny said...

Thanks for the video! So great.

I love being a word person but I also love being married to a numbers person! Between the two of us, we make a pretty decent brain :-)

RichardK said...

To get a bit technical, it's because some of us writer folk never completely developed formal concrete thinking in our teen years. This is the process where you begin to see how things are put together in your head instead of on paper. We can put together a story; however, a math problem totally destroys us.

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