Wednesday, February 18, 2015

How Do I Know What I'm Writing Is Good?

by J.C. Lynne

I’ve blown through my writer’s block. Let's have a party, no wait I changed my mind. I'll work instead. Staring at a blank screen frustrates me. My mind bubbles with characters, plots, and noise, but some days it will not make it to the page.

 November started the holiday season and crowded my schedule with planning, budgeting, and Yule decorations through the beginning of January. I feel I've been cleaning the house or shoveling snow ever since.

In addition, I have domestic goddess stuff to squeeze into my day. After weeks of holiday food, it never fails the teenagers continue to feel hunger. Never mind I’m thrilled to see the back of the fridge again. I even cleaned it!

My creative mojo jumpstarted this week. I’ve been cramming early morning and late evening writing sessions into the wee, free minutes I scrounge. It’s painful going. Finding the rhythm of flying fingers only to be interrupted by something or someone. ARGH! Bills intrude on the blog. Taxes intrude on the bills. Laundry intrudes on the new chapter. The writing staff interferes with everything.

The Writing Staff Hard At Work
Poor Beard, the other night I growled my way through a chink in my forward process. I must've been oozing hostility because he left the room. I guess I’m scary when I can’t get to the next movement.

This isn’t a great moment to check out new reviews. Blowing through chapters, I'm feeling on fire.  I don’t generally check the reviews….that’s a good way to give up writing, but The Beard likes to keep me apprised of any changes.

I made a mistake this morning of checking out the Goodreads reviews. Nothing terrible, just a bit demoralizing.

I know the book won’t please everyone, but today I’m second guessing my progress. The Voice is snide and biting. “Sure, you're writing, but is it GOOD?”

As The Beard’s father would say, “We went to school” on the first book. Editing obstacles, printing obstacles, design obstacles. In the meantime, I’ve received some great reviews, some great critique and I’m always improving and evolving. It's a process. I love writing, wouldn't do anything else.

Never mind my hot streak,  I’m headed to the grocery store so the teenagers won’t STARVE and I’ll spend the rest of the day shaking off this cloying self-doubt.


Patricia Stoltey said...

There seems to be a lot of that self-doubt going around, JC. We all just need to take a deep breath, pat outselves on the back, and slog on through the swamp. It's what we do.

JC Lynne said...

I've turned to Bollywood and ice cream today.

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