Friday, January 2, 2015

Of Expectations and Skate Boards

By Sarah Reichert

It’s the first Friday after New Year’s Day. Maybe you’re suffering on a treadmill, throwing out your stash of ho-ho’s, or reorganizing your closets.  Maybe, as a writer, you’re sitting in front of your screen, reading my blog because you ‘just need a minute to warm up’ before starting and/or finishing that project.  Maybe you’re just waiting for Monday to start those pesky resolutions because, hey, why start on a Friday?

January is a month of renewed hope. It’s also exploding with the pressure of expectation, which is sometimes unrealistic to what we are capable of accomplishing. Of course I believe in the power of human potential. But what we want to happen and the time we are able to give to our expectations are not always equal partners.

I, myself, consistently underestimate the time projects will take.  I don’t factor in the hours already claimed by being a mother.  I forget that I can’t just sit down and write for hours, without someone nailing someone else in the head with a nun chuck or the collaboration of two "someones" shaving the cat to look like a lion. 

Time is fickle and the older we are the faster it whooshes by.  It is precious.  Narrowing your goals into what is manageable for your own life is the key to meeting them.  Aspire to one big goal for the year, but make four or five smaller ones that will inspire you to keep going.  You don't have to make all of your goals about writing. If you make goals that expand your world view, test your comfort zone, and bring you new challenges, it will improve the depth of your writing inherently. 

One of my new challenges includes a long board I got for Christmas.  While the practical side of me says, “Is that wise at your age?” the tenacious human spirit in me says "You'll only grow older if you don’t throw yourself into new challenges once in a while."  My goal is to get to the mailbox without a closed head injury.

2015 will be a great year for you.  You are going to find out things about yourself that you didn’t know before.  You are going to do something you didn’t know was possible.  You’re going to surprise yourself, so that when the New Year rolls around again, you won’t face the 2nd of January with trepidation but with joy for all the potential the next 365 days will bring.

What is your big goal for the year?  What are some smaller, more manageable ones you have?


Julia Lynne said...

Rock it with a helmet. I'd love a long board, but after a concussion from a ill conceived drop in on a skateboard, not sure the hubby will approve.

Shirley Drew said...

OMG, Sarah--you are hilarious! A great post, in addition to the laughs! My goals are to submit to at least two writing contests this year...

Jenny said...

Oh you are brave! Good luck on the board. My big goal is to buckle on my tool belt and start building my platform. My smaller goals are all the steps necessary to do so. We'll see...

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