Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Keeping A Writing Schedule With A Full House

by JC Lynne

The Beard is on vacation. I’ve noticed when the house if full of males on break, my daily routine goes off tilt. The challenge of working at home full time is maintaining a schedule. I’ve built time for house cleaning, grocery shopping, hitting the gym, and writing. The schedule is sacrosanct.

Appointments, meetings, and other events have to fit the schedule. I can’t view it as flexible except in emergency circumstances. Laundry is unending. Having all of these brains on cruise control interferes with my productive energy.

The holidays haven’t helped. It’s strange enough when clerks ask me if I’m ready for the weekend, all of the holiday hustle and bustle is leaving its mark on my time. I don’t measure time’s passing by the arrival of the weekend any longer. My day’s activities are my own. I have doctor’s appointments and errands, but I’m not pressed to be some place. I’ve avoided the frantic holiday panic because of it.

Having the Beard and the teenagers home creates obstacles and distraction to the smooth flow of my week. I know, I’m whining. I don’t need to tell you how much effort it takes to keep to a schedule. The Beard’s constant presence also disconcerts because we share an office. I adore my husband, but our working styles rest at opposite ends of the spectrum.

We both talk out loud. This isn’t a problem when the only audience I have is the Writing Staff, but the Beard feels compelled to reply. He swears a lot when he’s working. It’s startling and disruptive to my writing flow. In addition, he says things worthy of posting. He’s entertaining even when he’s not trying to be.

I click. Not me, my keyboard. The Beard purchased a fancy, naked and nearly silent keyboard for his
The Naked Keyboard for Geniuses
computer. Yes, naked. Zero labels. No letters, no numbers, no F keys….show off.

When he broached the subject of a new keyboard for me, I balked. I need the letters and I like the click. I learned to type in high school. A business class was required for graduation and to pass the class you had to score 75 wpm on the test. Big, humming Smith Corona Electras squatted on rows of desks like toads.
Those keys required pressure and clamored when the class hit the keys. I hated the class, the teacher, and typing, but those resounding clicks burrowed into my psyche.

The other thing about the Beard being off of work is he’s working on our stuff. Publishing research, media feeds, review requests, and anything else he can dig up. This leads to lists of things for me to do later. Can we work on your bio? This author did this, this author does that, what do I think of this? Add a progress bar to my blog so people know what my daily word count is? Yeah, right.

He’s taken to sitting on his Lazy Boy recliner and shouting things to me from the living room.

Apparently, the clicking irritates the Beard. Ha!

Feel free to date many of you miss the rattle and hum of the typewriter?


RichardK said...

I learned how to type in sophomore year of high school. Best class I ever took. I can even type while looking and talking with others.

Wait, was that bragging? Okay, I was bragging, darn it!

JC Lynne said...

It's only bragging if you're inflating your WPM.

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