Monday, January 5, 2015

Good bye! Hello!

by Rich

The start of a new year is a time for change. It can mean the start of a weight loss program, a shift in careers, a budding relationship, or a change in government. In the world of the Interwebs, change means a new web design, app launch, or, in the case of a blog site such as ours, a shift in personnel. As 2015 dawns over the Earth, we say good-bye to two of our columnists while we welcome two new bloggers who guest posted back in 2014.

First, with many hugs and thanks, we say good-bye to our Wednesday columnists, Shirley Drew and Sarah Sullivan. Both started last year and provided fantastic insight into their creative minds. Many of their columns were part of out Top 11 posts of 2014. Sarah S. and Shirley, we can't thank you enough for all you gave us during the previous two months.

Replacing Sarah S. and Shirley on Wednesdays are ... virtual drumroll ... JC Lynne and April Moore! Both of these women are no strangers to The Writing Bug as they both guest posted several times last spring and fall. Responses to their blogs inspired us to bring them on as full-time columnists.

We're sure you have some questions about JC and April. So, to help you out, here's some pertinent information.

JC Lynne is the current critique group coordinator for Northern Colorado Writers and a former teacher of Literature and Language Arts. After doling out knowledge to young minds for a decade, JC decided to leave teaching and dedicate her time to writing. She published her first novel, The Esau Emergence in July of 2013. Her other published work includes a short story in the 2013 version of NCW's Pooled Ink anthology. You can learn more about JC at her Writing Bug author page.

April Moore is the coordinator for NCW's Top of the Mountain Book Award and a member of the creative team for the yearly writing conference. Her first book, the historical nonfiction Folsom's 93, was released in 2013. Her next book, Bobbing for Watermelons, is a fiction piece scheduled for release in March. More information about April is at her Writing Bug author page.

JC and April join the cast of colorful characters from last year -- Sarah Reichert, Kelly Baugh, Jenny Sundstedt, and yours truly as The Skipper. Please welcome our newest columnists with open arms, and stay with us for more writing brilliance in 2015.


Dean K Miller said...

Looking forward to the wordy talents of these fine ladies! Thanks Shirley and Sarah for your posts in 2014.

Shirley Drew said...

Thanks, Dean! And I am also looking forward to reading posts from these talented women!

Patricia Stoltey said...

Doesn't NCW have the most amazing pool of talent? I'll miss the wonderful posts from Shirley and Sarah, but look forward to hearing more from JC and April.

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