Thursday, January 22, 2015

Conference Countdown: LeAnn Thieman

by Kerrie Flanagan

From now until the 10th Annual Northern Colorado Writers Conference starts on March 27th, I will be here every Thursday to share fun and interesting tidbits about the event and the people involved.

Today I am highlighting our wonderful keynote speaker, LeAnn Thieman. She lives here in our own backyard in Fort Collins, but is a nationally recognized and honored speaker and a best-selling author. In April of 1975 as Saigon was falling to the communists, LeAnn, an Iowa housewife and nurse at the time, temporarily left her ordinary life behind, to do something extraordinary. She headed directly into Vietnam and played a key role in safely bringing home 100 babies during Operation Babylift,

LeAnn was featured in Newsweek's Voices of the Century for her heroic efforts in getting these orphaned babies safely to the U.S.

You can read more about this amazing story in LeAnn's memoir, This Must Be My Brother and hear her speak at the conference. Visit her website to learn more about her:

The Northern Colorado Writers Conference is March 27-28 at the Fort Collins Hilton. Learn more at


Patricia Stoltey said...

LeAnn's story is incredible -- I still remember that first conference she spoke at and kept us all enthralled.

Kerrie said...


I agree, her story is incredible and over the past decade she has worked on and polished her speaking skills, so the story is even MORE powerful than before (have tissues ready).


April Moore said...

I'm really looking forward to hearing LeAnn speak at the conference. I'm also anxious to read her memoir.

Kerrie said...

Having heard her speak many times over the years and read her book, I can say these these are both memorable experiences (which usually require a couple of tissues).

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