Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Top Writing Bug Posts of 2014

by Rich

2014 is coming to an end. How do we know this? Well, the stores have their Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day displays up. Plus, our calendars only have one more sheet left on them. In the few moments before the year ends, we like to reflect on what has passed over the last 12 months. We do this now because we drunkenly forget everything once the clock strikes midnight on January 1.

Many websites post Top Ten lists on various aspects of the year. We here at The Writing Bug don't bow down to the peer pressure of the Internet to create such a list. Which is why we've created a ... wait for it ... Top Eleven list of most read columns. Always thinking outside the box, we are.

The columns in this list range from a celebration of our 1,000th post, how it's never too late to start writing, and various personal experiences from our talented writers. Please spend some time reading or rereading these columns. And while you're doing that, take a look at the other offerings we presented during 2014.

  1. 1,000th Post -- by Kerrie Flanagan
  2. Of Mountains and Mothballs  -- by Sarah Reicher
  3. You Saved Me -- by Kelly Baugh
  4. Where Have You Been All My Life? (Part Two)  -- by Kelly Baugh
  5. Monday Rerun: Failing with Style -- by Rich Keller
  6. Not Writing 101: How to Overcome Your Writing Compulsion -- by Sarah Sullivan
  7. It's Never Too Late -- by Shirley Drew
  8. Inspiration of the Unconscious Mind -- by Sarah Reichert
  9. The Awakener -- by Sarah Reichert
  10. Blessed are the Storytellers -- by Shirley Drew
  11. Forging Your Path -- by Sarah Reichert

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