Monday, December 22, 2014

Good Tidings to the Editor Elves

By Rich

In the past year, we've given thanks to many people and things which inspired our creativity. This included parents, children, friends, living and dead writers, living and dead celebrities, inanimate objects, and strangers who crossed our paths. All fine and good, but in the process of giving out all this gratitude we have missed a particular group of people. One which, many times, has the greatest influence on us and the material we produce for the public to devour. Of course, I speak about the unsung heroes -- the editor elves.

I've published five books over the last year, and none of them would have been as good as they are right now without the assistance of my editor elf, Nancy L. Reed. Nancy has edited my works since we met in a critique group three years ago. And during this time she has been nothing but honest and direct in the edits she made to my works. Sure, some of her comments and suggestions have infuriated my giant ego. Yet, for the most part, she has been spot on with her edits. Nancy has made me a much better writer, whether I wanted to go that route or not.

Many authors believe they can edit their own work or don't need editing because their prose is the personification of perfection. This is absolutely, totally, not true. Even the greatest writers out there have had someone look over their pieces. I wouldn't be surprised if Abraham Lincoln had one of his staff make a grammatical change or two to his Gettysburg Address. In the end, if an author feels their work is beyond the realm of editing, there's a good chance it's beyond the realm of reading.

In this time of good tidings, I want to thank Nancy for her diligence in making my writing explode off the page. And, should you see someone walking down the street with red marker stains on their fingers and muttering "Too many gerunds," give them a hug and thank them for all their hard work. Just make sure what you say is grammatically correct.

And to all the folks who have stuck with The Writing Bug in 2014, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Let us know the names of the editor elves you wish to thank.


Bob Mc said...

My elves to thank are called the Broad Horizons critique group. They have made me a better writer, and I am thankful for their help.

Dean K Miller said...

It is a community that creates writers. Thanks to all who have helped my own endeavors along the way!

Sarah Sullivan said...

What a nice post and of course you are correct! Cheers to the editors!

Patricia Stoltey said...

I want to thank all you Colorado writers whose books are overflowing my coffee table. I'm all set for many months of great reading!!!

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