Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Write Diet

by Sarah Sullivan

This may seem off topic for a writing blog, but stay with me while I confess that: “I’m a foodie.”

BeansHunger and necessity mean little to me. I seek out new food experiences just for the fun of it. Setting out to seduce my senses to satisfy my greedy little palate is a way of life. It’s a nice life, but one that has it’s limitations. Aside from the obvious health risks, I notice that I’m just not as productive when I allow myself to freely indulge. 

Of course there are many healthy delicious foods that provide our bodies with extra energy and superior nourishment, roasted vegetables, vibrant fruits and tasty whole grains like quinoa and couscous. I love those too! But it’s hard to resist the dark side, gooey cinnamon rolls dripping with vanilla praline frosting, tender roast pork smothered in a mango demi-glaze or a refreshing ginger martini. Yum!!! 

Perhaps not all foodies are created equal. Maybe there are those of us who practice some modicum of self control and confine their self gratifying nature to specific meals, days or even special events. Sadly, I am not of that ilk. No, for me every day provides a reason for celebration. And by celebration I mean eating. And by eating I probably mean overeating. But I digress. 

This week I have been on a diet, although I’m suppose to call it a lifestyle plan. The downside (as if I have to explain) is no more cinnamon rolls, roast pork or martinis. But I must admit, I'm getting more done. You see, my dedicated writing time is (theoretically) after. After the kids have gone to school, after the house is picked up and the laundry started, after appointments are out of the way and bills are paid after the dog is walked and, of course, after second breakfast which I am now suppose to call lunch. Without the starchy carbohydrates and hidden sugars the lure of the afternoon nap and the sluggish march toward dinner has subsided. Amazing! My mind is clearer and my endurance greater and I am actually writing more. 
A romance exists between writing and excess.  Many famous writers have been alcoholics, Faulkner, Hemingway, Parker just to name a few. Certainly, their lifestyles informed their writing and perhaps even enhanced it in some way.  On the other hand, many of those same souls would have lived longer and likely produced more for all of us to enjoy had they tamed the flame of desire. 

I'm no William Faulkner, but I like the idea of being more productive and I hope that will be an incentive for me to continue making healthier food choices. I will never completely abandon my sweet tooth or epicurean desires, life's to short for total asceticism, but maybe I will stick around long enough and have enough energy to write something that survives the test of time. Or at least until dinner. 


RichardK said...

These days I can't be productive without noshing on my Apple Cheddar Melt from the Wild Boar. It's the chewing and explosion of flavors that gets the creativity flowing.

Sarah Sullivan said...

I've never even heard of the Wild Boar! New territory to explore. You are not really helping with my lifestyle change. : (

Jenny said...

Second breakfast is actually lunch? What is this madness? But you make a good case for keeping a clear head in the afternoon. I might have to trim a little off my chocolate intake and see what happens.

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