Friday, August 22, 2014

The Top Writing Bug Columns of All Time

By Rich

You may have seen Kerrie Flanagan's column celebrating the 1,000th post of The Writing Bug. If not, we'll patiently wait while you do. Read it? Made a comment for the giveaway? Good.

The Writing Bug has been around since 2008. A simpler time in our lives when we still used this quirky thing called the U.S. Post Office and we were starting to experiment with this whole new "social media" environment of Facebook and Twitter. Yet, when you peruse the blogs of that time, not much has changed in the mechanics of writing. In fact, we're pretty sure many topics have been repeated numerous times over the last six years.

Still, there are a few posts out there that have withstood the test of time and become The Writing Bug's most read. Some of these still pop up in our weekly statistics. Strangely, none are mine. Do you have something against me? Am I not pretty enough?

Sorry, where was I? Oh, yes, the top Writing Bug columns of all time. We've gone through our records and come up with the nine most viewed columns. Instead of hiding this information we're going transparent on you and presenting links to them in this column. Enjoy, comment, relive your memories and re-read some posts from the newer contributors -- ahem -- in order for them to reach the top of the heap.

It's All in How You Slant It -- from 9/15/2010 and by Kerrie

Methods of Character Presentation -- from 1/08/2010 and by Kerrie

Shepherding Our Writing -- from 12/23/2010 and again on 12/21/2011. The 2011 version received bigger numbers. Both were by Kerrie.

Book Review: Drums, Girls and Dangerous Pie -- from 7/26/2008 and by the middle school version of Laney Flanagan

Thanks Wendy (My Alter Ego) -- from 4/5/2010 and by Jenny Sundstedt

The Ups and Downs of Snowboarding -- from 11/4/2011 and by the high school version of Laney Flanagan

Angels and Demons: Books vs. Movie -- from 5/18/2009 and by Kerrie

Finally, the most popular post on The Writing Bug with approximately 3700 hits since 2011...

The Top Five Ways to Ram a Hook Into Your Reader -- from 7/22/2011 by Brooke Favero


Shirley Drew said...

So cool to look at some of the top posts--thanks Rich! And btw, you ARE pretty enough. ;-)

Sarah Sullivan said...

Thanks for the review of posts! That was interesting to me as I am a relative newbie on this site. It was fun to go back and see what was happening over the last few years. And Shirley is right, you are quite fetching!!

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