Monday, August 18, 2014

Jimmy, Tina and Justin (and James)

By Rich

I've never been a hero worshiper. I didn't have posters on my walls of famous people, I didn't wait for hours in line to get their autographs and I didn't get into fights with anyone about why person 1 was better than their inferior person 2. Maybe it was just my nature as a child or the fact I watched too much Saturday morning television.

Now people I admire -- there have been many of them throughout the years, and they have changed as I've gotten older. Lately, as my life has taken a turn to the creative and extremely productive, there have been three individuals who I've sort of latched onto. And while they aren't authors per se, they're creatives who have done amazing things to reach their pinnacles of success.

Jimmy Fallon
I know many people feel the current host of The Tonight Show is a bit immature, but I think that's why he works so well as a late night host. Young and full of energy, I admire Jimmy because he took a life with a normal childhood and moved his way up to one of the most prestigious titles on television today. In addition, he sings, plays numerous instruments, and has a humbleness and sense of enjoyment that I wish other creatives had when addressing their success.

Tina Fey
Tina is a person I admire for two reasons. One is for her prominence in the Improv world, which is another one of my passions. The second reasons is this ability to improvise in any situation allowed her to become the first female head writer at Saturday Night Live and establish herself as someone who could do anything, no matter what others said about her. Which is the reason she created the hugely successful 30 Rock and wrote the still popular Mean Girls. I admire Tina's fruition and ability to cut through all the fecal matter to get what she wants.

Justin Timberlake
Okay, Justin didn't really have a "normal" childhood considering he appeared on Star Search, The New Mickey Mouse Club, was a member of boy band 'N Sync and dated people like Brittany Spears and Cameron Diaz. Still, I admire Justin -- okay, it's more like a bromance -- because he didn't let his career as a signer bog him down from doing other things he enjoy like acting, doing comedy and, I say with a bit of jealousy, hanging out with Jimmy Fallon. My goal is to not only write but to continue my Improv work and expand my other interests, and I look to Justin as impetus to make it happen.

There's one more person I admire to a point -- James Franco. If there's anyone who can be considered a Renaissance Man it's him. In addition to acting, James directs, produces, writes novels, screenplays and poetry, and teaches at universities. I didn't officially list Mr. Franco because, frankly, just a look at the list of his accomplishments makes me tired. I can only hope my Wikipedia entry lists as many as him one day.

Who do you currently admire?


Patricia Stoltey said...

Always high on my list is Tina Turner....I never had legs like hers or could move or sing the way she does, even when I was young.

I admire Uzo Aduba, the actress who plays Crazy Eyes on Orange is the New Black. She is incredibly talented.

And I admire my mom most of all. She's 95 now and has been through a lot of tough times and rough physical ailments and yet she keeps her cool, stays strong, and rarely complains.

Anonymous said...

I also like Tina Faye, although I've never watched her on television. I read her book, Bossypants. In fact, I downloaded a recording of her reading Bossypants and reviewed it on my blog at .

Sarah Sullivan said...

Love Tina!!!! I so admire how much all those people seem to get down in a day, a year and a lifetime! I don't think I have that much energy.

Shirley Drew said...

Great post, Rich! I have always admired artists--writers (especially), musicians and actors--those who are particularly good at their craft. That said, too many too list. But I WILL mention that Ralph Fiennes has always been a favorite actor of mine.

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