Monday, June 23, 2014

Sleepy Time

By Rich

My goal for this week's column was to write a compelling and heart-wrenching summation on why you should climb every sea, forge every ocean, save the hamster, and not eat yellow snow. It would've been something to save for future generations, transcribe for the Pope, and add to a t-shirt. Unfortunately, the motivation wasn't there.

See, I'm a bit frayed, beat, worn out, pooped, zonked, and any other synonym for tired. The hectic spring has turned into a busy summer with my job, family, NCW duties, promotion of Coffee Cup Tales and Paradise Not Quite Lost, build up of Wooden Pants Publishing, and ridding the world of all reality-based Housewives. Especially the ones from New Jersey. Good Lord, why are they still talking to each other?

I digress. I could easily crawl under the covers, flip on the Netflix, and binge watch numerous shows until my bladder reach breaking point and my eyes melted out of my sockets. Thing is, I did that type of stuff for the last three decades or so. There would always be a willingness for creativity in those times, yet something kept me from proceeding forward. A typical conversation went something like:

Brain: You need to write.
Me: Nah. I'm going to bed.


Brain: You need to write.
Me: Nah. I'm going to watch television.


Brain: You need to rid the world of reality Housewives.
Me: Nah. I'm going to watch television while I sleep.

I should have done the third thing first. We'd probably be living in a world full of love, joy, and organic Twinkies by now.

What I'm trying to get through to you is that I wasted precious time in the past that I could've utilized for grand creativity. Instead, I blew it all on long sleeps, long times on the couch, and turning a blind eye to the explosion of reality television. With momentum on my side in the present, I'm not going to let a little something like extra sleep stop me.

So, I'll take a short nap, mix myself up a Red Bull and Hostess Fruit Pie smoothie, and push ahead to grow my writing career. I can sleep later...On my private island, of course.

Do you forego sleep and other relaxations in order to write?

The self-promotion stuff: Coffee Cup Tales is now available in eBook format for Nook and Kobo. The long-awaited release of Paradise Not Quite Lost has now occurred. Paperback and Kindle versions are available via Amazon


Lynn said...

Writing is my relaxation, my escape from reality into my imagination. I know how crucial it is to my sanity every time I skip writing for several days... Crazy woman!

John Paul McKinney said...

Sleeping helps my writing. That's when I get my best ideas. Pleasant dreams, Rich.

Patricia Stoltey said...

Oh, Rich, I really wish you hadn't asked that question.

No, I never give up my sleep, and when I need it, I also take a nap. I will give up a few TV shows to write or do book promo type chores, but I will not give up watching Survivor or Big Brother as long as they're on. I have my priorities.

Anonymous said...

If I'm running against a deadline, and I don't have enough time, I forgo sleep and other pleasures. Otherwise, I use those as rewards.

Anonymous said...

It takes a deadline for me to give up sleep. Generally, I find I don't do well without sleep.

Sometimes I'm really procrastinating.... sometimes my mind just needs to chew on things. It's hard to tell.

Sarah Sullivan said...

Now I feel guilty and bad about myself. I waste far too much time. Thanks for the kick in the pants.

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