Friday, June 27, 2014

Facebook Rules

By Kelly

Social media is quite the hot topic in the writing world these days … and at my house. My tween is entering the terrifying world of the internet, and I’m not happy about it.

Before she gets to engage in a particular social venue, I’ve decided that she has to read through and sign a contract (what can I say? My dad was a lawyer and my sister and I had to sign contracts for everything). Email wasn’t too big of a deal, but now she’s talking Facebook. So here’s my rough draft of Facebook Rules:

1. Do not put any personal information on Facebook. In fact, put fake personal information on FB in the manner of a CIA spy.

2. Set a time limit (or I will set one for you). Otherwise you will enter the vortex of the great time suck.

3. Do not rant on Facebook. If you feel strongly about something and would like to have a rant about it, the absolute worse place to do this is through social media. In fact, you will make people with opposing viewpoints even more antagonistic to your position through a rant on FB, thus defeating the purpose of your rant (unless it was to blow off steam, and there’s better ways to do that).

4. When you have a significant other, do not write weirdly personal love notes on their timeline. That is what messaging is for.

5. Do not complain about your job, brag about how you have a new job or how you’ve pulled one over on your boss. Facebook is on the internet (shocking, I know) and your work will find out.

6. Do not post food pictures. Ever. Unless you are at a three star Michelin restaurant and then you can post one picture.

7. Be nice. Make people’s day better when they read what you’ve written.

8. Conversely, don’t be annoying (i.e. showoff, snark, complain, post more than 3 times a day, etc.).

9. Be real but present a professional image of yourself. Save the really ugly and shocking stuff for your diary. Nobody wants to read that stuff.

As a writer, I know many of use Facebook as a professional tool, but I think some of these rules can still apply. What code do you follow with the FB beast?


RichardK said...

Plus, don't rant and then reverse yourself by posting a sweet and snarky love letter featuring all of your personal information. Oh, and for Pete's sake, no more cat videos!

bonjourmarie said...

My conclusion is just don't post anything hardly at all really. Everybody will find something they don't like in what you post! :) I was starting to get too many annoying comments, so moved over onto Instagram, where I can better control who sees my stuff. Stupid Facebook! :)

John Paul McKinney said...

Good advice and not just for a tween. Thanks for the reminders.

Patricia Stoltey said...

Very good advice for all of us, Kelly. I like Facebook for some things but my favorite social media spot is Twitter.

Kelly said...

You are so good at Twitter, Pat! I wish you could offer a class on it--I go completely blank when I try to post something on it.

Earl McGuire said...

Well written article about facebook.

Lynn said...

You articulated much of what I have thought when it comes to Facebook. I quit following people when they post too much, or when it is offensive. I appreciate people who share photos of amazing places and also people who share inspirational quotes. I'm fine with cats, but you've got my rapt attention with cute dog stuff. Sorry, but it's the truth!

Sarah Sullivan said...

I did the same for my tween! I think it's a great idea. I'm not even on Facebook, but now that he is I guess I better get on it.

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