Sunday, May 11, 2014

Six Word Mother's Day Stories

By the members of Northern Colorado Writers

Happy Mother's Day! It's a time for all of you parents of the female persuasion to sit in your favorite chair, crack open your favorite book, and sip your favorite tea. Right after you make breakfast, do laundry, make lunch, stop several sibling fights, make dinner, and prepare for the next day. Don't blame me for this description. Blame your no-good children for ruining yet another Mother's Day.

Excuse me ... No, I've taken all my medicine, thank you very much!

Ahem. Needless to say, this is your day, so please take some time to enjoy these wonderful six word Mother's Day stories prepared by members of Northern Colorado Writers.

My mom. Adventurous spirit. No more. Alex

Memories warm, tender. Miss you Mum. Maggie Goins

Rebellious son. No card. Hurt mother. & Mother missed.Regretful son. Words unspoken. Peter Hall

No card. No call. No children. & Great upbringing. Fabulous mom. Missing her. Debbie Hardy

Mentor and best friend. Tough cookie. Deborah Nielsen

Mother fled. Weeping. A spatula set? Chris Nugent

She made me who I am. Kari Redmond

Motherhood was much harder than advertised. Sarah Reichert

Surprise. Nine month wait. Abundant Treasure. Ruth Shilling

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