Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Write It Down

by Sarah S.

#I think of fabulous ideas all the time for blog posts, articles, short stories, novels, poems, you name it. I can’t tell you the number of incredible scenarios and colorful characters that have bubbled up to the surface while I’m driving the kids to school or walking the dog. These snippets are so extraordinary, I don’t even need to write them down. They are seared into my mind like a hot iron pressed into virgin flesh. And then, of course, I forget. 

I’m sure all of you saw that coming because, unlike me, you are far more serious and organized about your writing life and begin your day armed with pens, papers, i-phone apps or even recording devices to capture such inspired nuggets of genius. I myself own numerous designer mini-notebooks in a variety of colors often adorned with Zen like flower prints. I just don’t know where they are. I suspect my children, who are drawn to wee things, poach them while I’m not looking. 

So, this week I kept a running list of blog post ideas which I am documenting here where no grubby little hands can steal them away to be forever lost with all the orphaned single socks in the world. Perhaps, I will even get around to actually finishing one of these in a future post. 

1)  In Your Dreams: How our subconscious thoughts end up in our stories

2)  Sounds of Silence: When the click click of keys is replaced by the chirp chirp of crickets.

3)  Why Can’t We be Friends? How to write characters you’d never meet for coffee. 

4)  A lot of Alliteration: What works, what wilts.

5)  Sleeping with the Enemy: How my toddler is ruining my writing career. 

6)  Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?: Three authors I’d love to invite for dinner. 

7)   Your my Hero(ine): My Favorite characters of all time. 

8)    Author Envy: Five novels I wish I’d written

9)    Breaking Bad: Grammar rules worth breaking. 

10)  Can You Hear Me Now? Picking a point of view. 

Do you have a back log of blog post ideas to share?


RichardK said...

I've been guilty of this in the past. However, with Coffee Cup Tales, I wrote down the ideas connected to the overheard sentences as soon as I could. I wouldn't have had so many stories if I didn't.

Jenny said...

These are great ideas. If you don't write them, someone else might (hint hint). Not me, of course. Unless...are those crickets I hear?

Dean K Miller said...

I'll take a note on occasion, but normally I'll draft out the idea and save it.

Even a day later tends to change our perspective on an idea and I like to capture as much of the moment as I can.

If I don't, I accept that it is gone and let it go.

Sarah Sullivan said...

Jenny, PLEASE feel free to steal anything if it strikes your fancy! Who knows what I will ever get around to.

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