Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Adventures of the Conference Gnome

Post by Kerrie

The Keynote Speaker for the 2014 Northern Colorado Writers Conference was author/editor Chuck Sambuchino. His book, How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack inspired the conference gnome contest. The rules were simple: if you find the gnome, write an update in his official Gnome Spy Journal, take a photo and then move him to a new location. Then I randomly selected one of the entries and that person won $100 of next year's conference. (Congratulations Saytchyn)

Here is the Conference Gnome's journey

Friday March 28, 2014
Received mission from HQ: Observe writers and await further instructions.

Friday, 11:18 am
The Gnome and I spotted each near the check-in desk. He's in an odd mood-asked me for directions to Casa Lupita. I told him it's someplace in the hotel.

Friday, 1:50pm
Hanging out in Salon II waiting to learn about 9 Habits of Profitable Writing; Gnome plans to write the next great American Novel.

Friday, 3:54pm
Sitting among the foliage, contemplating his life choices. Longs for freedom of days of yore and a laptop.
-Tara and Vivian

Friday, 3:55pm
The Gnome was spying on the group in the Rams Room as they departed-undoubtedly nefarious in purpose.

Friday 4:01pm
It's the Gnome's fault I am late!

Friday, 4:10pm
I found the Gnome in the fake greenery by the picture booth. Not very sneaky huh. I saw him peeking at me.

The Gnome was sitting in a potted artificial pine tree on the conference level. He was halfway through a bottle of Cabernet when I spotted him. And he wouldn't share!

Friday, 5:28pm
First day of the NCW Conference & I've found the knome. Is that spelled correctly? :-)

Friday 9:25pm
A group of Gnome hunters spotted. They Gnome alluded them.  

Saturday, March 29
2nd day of sessions about to begin and Gnome is getting restless to call in his pals. We better keep moving. (Battery died in camera. Can't record his location)

Just came out of session with agent, little Gnome Man came out to give me a fist bump.

"I had to make a stop in the ladies restroom," the Gnome said. "Oops! I didn't look promise."

11:43 am
My poor little Gnome brain was overstuffed with the abundance of good information so I hid beneath the stairs to rest my neurons for a moment.
-Sarah and Heather

This person (arrow pointing above) broke off my arm and abandoned me under a bench to die.

I'm off to the emergency room to reattach my arm. Wait! Where's my arm? Damn fool, lost my arm!

Final Gnome update. His arm was reattached with a special gnome safe bandage. He has recovered fully and hopes to make an appearance at the 2015 Northern Colorado Writers Conference. 


Patricia Stoltey said...

This was such a clever idea. I was very disappointed that I never spotted the gnome. Maybe next year.

Saytchyn Maddux-Creech said...

Fun! Gnome has settled in nicely. He has some great digs here. I might contact one of his brothers to attend next year, because he still has the occasional nightmare about being left under that bench.

Sarah Sullivan said...

Wow! Seems like the gnome had a great conference!!

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