Friday, March 28, 2014

The conference is here! The conference is here! By Sarah Reichert

Today is the first day of the 9th Annual Northern Colorado Writers Conference.  Understandably you may not read my blog, because you’re caught in the frenzy of finding clean, suitable-for-public-viewing clothing.  (Don’t judge; some of us don’t own much beyond glorified pajamas.)

There are so many reasons to be excited for this year's conference.  As always, an amazing group of agents, presenters and speakers will be attending.  You can learn more here:

Classes will inject your writing with fresh viewpoints, help you jump hurdles, and give you the confidence to pursue the next steps for your work.  Visiting editors and round tables will teach you how to pitch your idea and will give you an honest, outside perspective.  Speakers will inspire.  

But the greatest gift you give yourself when attending the conference may very well be the friends and colleagues you meet.  Conferences swarm with like-minded people, all working towards the same goal: to write.  They all have piles of unfinished words, jumbled and lost.  They all have half-finished ideas, that keep them up at night.  They have all faced rejection in one form or another. 

We writers tend to stay holed up at our desks, kitchen tables, coffee shops, and couches, scribbling and typing away at pieces that may never make it to the outside world.  It is a lonely existence.  It often feels like no one understands the frustrations we have with grammar, and editors, and query letters.  But for two days a year, a congregation of people disproves these feelings of aloneness.  

For those of you who are unable to attend, I encourage you to try some of the free coffee hours, classes and critique groups that are held by Northern Colorado Writers throughout the year.  Prove to yourself there are understanding souls out there.  We share your frustrations.  We share your pain and elation.  We will help you keep on track.  We will inspire you.

If you will be there, I’ll be the one with the stupid, giddy smile on my face, downing the free coffee like a girl on a caffeine bender.  I can’t wait to hear what you’re working on.

What are you looking forward to most about this year as a writer, either from the conference or from the other benefits of being a member of the NCW group? 


RichardK said...

Just seeing people like you who I interact with online but don't see in person that much.

Sarah Sullivan said...

So sad to miss the conference this year : ( I'm sure it will be as fantastic as always. Enjoy!

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