Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Thanks for the Memories, Tina Fey!

by Sarah S. 

I love Tina Fey. She’s pretty but not annoyingly beautiful. She’s rich and famous but still seems like a down-to-earth kind of gal who would be fun to meet for coffee. She’s funny, of course, but I’m guessing she has a serious side that makes it possible to engage her in meaningful conversation. And she’s a writer! She’s won two Golden Globes and five Emmys for her television writing as well as enjoying five weeks on the New York Times bestseller list for her memoir Bossy Pants. I don’t know about you but I think that’s pretty impressive for a 43 year old working mom from Pennsylvania. 
You may have missed 30 Rock, it’s an acquired taste after all, but if you relish quick wit with a healthy dose of social satire you should try it. I’m not waxing poetic about 30 Rock or Tina Fey because I just purchased stock in NBC, but because it’s time I paid homage to the power of good television to transform lives. That’s right, I said it. Well crafted television can be a powerful balm in a sometimes cold and unforgiving world.

I seem to have unwittingly bit off some heavy karma this lifetime and there have been some dark days, my friends, dark days indeed. I won’t bore you with the details, but a few years back when we discovered two of our three children had some serious developmental disabilities, I spent many a day tucked under heavy blankets in a dimly lit room with nothing but my sorrow and remote control. It was during those years that I discovered the cathartic power of good television writing. I kid you not, I give credit to television (along with therapy and some top notch pharmaceuticals) for pulling me out of the darkness and back into the light. 

I don't want to give Tina ALL the credit, but I always think about 30 Rock, how it lightened my mood and made me laugh about the absurdity of life. What a gift to the world, in ways big and small, that powerful writing can deliver in all of it’s various forms. So as you continue on with your writing, enjoy it for the creative energy it inspires, but also take pride in the fact that the words you write today just might provide the motivation someone needs to dig themselves out from under the covers and rejoin the world of the living. 


RichardK said...

Tiny Fey is one of my inspirations. Not only for her Improv skills but her writing prowess as well. It's down-to-earth stars like Fey, Mindy Kaling, and Jimmy Fallon that give me the go to make it on my own.

Shirley Drew said...

Wonderful blog, Sarah. And thanks for reminding us that good writing is out there in many forms. And also for reminding us of the good it can do.

p.s. it seems I need to check out 30 Rock--somehow it passed me by...

Jenny said...

Tina is great; so is 30Rock. And so is this post. Great writing can be found anywhere, indeed. The ability to make people laugh is such an amazing gift.

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