Thursday, February 13, 2014

Those Six Little Words of Love

By the members of Northern Colorado Writers

Three little words. That's what many folks nickname the phrase 'I love you.' when they're too afraid to mention them for fear of bursting into flame. The reason they do this is the same reason people call Voldemort 'He Who Must Not be Named' -- the combination of words is incredibly powerful. On the one hand, they can lead to a glorious change in a relationship. On the other, they can shatter a romance in its infancy, destroying the maturing bond between two people. Or, for some folks in Utah, the bond between several people.

But what about six words? Can doubling the amount of words to express love increase that feeling among others or break it down to the point it resembles the love Hollywood stars claim between themselves before they break up a week later? Let's find out, shall we? A few members of the illustrious Northern Colorado Writers graciously presented their six-word Valentine's Day stories for your review. Read them while nibbling the good candy and smelling your roses to see if the tales make your heart swell or shrink.

February.  Presidents.Spring training. -- Peter Hall

Pink roses. Expected red. Fresh-cut romance. -- Gordon MacKinney

Kitchen dancing, handmade cards, sixy-three years. -- K Wilson

February freezes her heart, snowflake tears. -- Jen S.

Valentines are for girls, he said. -- Jen S.

Blindfolded Cupid aimed.  Much too low. -- Sarah Reichert

Russell Stover was undead. She reloaded. -- Chris Nugent

True love came. Choc. O. Late. -- Ruth Shilling

Valentine candy with nuts. No love. -- Rich Keller

Thanks to those who submitted their tales of love, loss, and baseball.

What is your six-word Valentine's Day story?

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Shirley Drew said...

Great post! Here's mine:

Hallmark holiday. Still fun. My love.

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