Friday, January 24, 2014

Never Give Up

by Kelly

Lately, the little demon that lurks in the back of every writer’s mind has been prodding me more than usual. It’s whispering that it’s time to give up on my writing … that I’ll never ever get much more than a nibble. 

There’s a part of me that responds to this voice. Wouldn’t it be so much easier to work towards something more concrete? A career in medicine, a teaching degree, a dog walker. I’d never have to put myself out there to an agent or editor again. I might get bitten by a dog, but that rejection I could handle.

Then, last week, a very dear woman from my critique group passed away. Remembering Sally, reading her obituary, I was stuck how she didn’t seem to know the meaning of the words give up. Despite her 80 odd years, Sally wrote prolifically for newspapers, magazines, and inspirational books. She was also working on a fairly audacious historical Biblical novel that raised a few eyebrows. In her personal life, after losing one spouse later in life, she remarried and took an around the world trip for her honeymoon. As one member of critique group often said, “I want to be like Sally when I grow up.”

I want to be like Sally too; I’m going to try and banish those nasty give up thoughts from my 
mind. All of us have heard stories of authors who, after years of trying to get their work published, nearly gave up but then persevered a little longer only to become a Newbery Award Winners or international bestsellers. So, in the words of Winston Churchill (of which Sally would certainly approve), ““Never, never, never give up.”


Patricia Stoltey said...

Good for you, Kelly. I'm not giving up either. I wish I had known Sally because I think she set a great example for all of us.

Anonymous said...

Years ago when I pursued a career in music therapy, I completed a six-month internship at a nursing home in Fargo, North Dakota. About three months into the internship, my supervisor said she though I should consider a career other than music therapy. Despite her negativity, I managed to complete my internship and became a registered music therapist. I worked for fifteen years in a nursing home here in Sheridan, Wyoming, before I got into writing. No writer has ever suggested to me that I consider a different career. Although I'm not a best-selling author, I've had two books published and hope to have one or two more under my beltin the next year or so. I'm not giving up either.

Sarah Sullivan said...

Good for you! Banish that voice for good. Sally would be proud of you!

Sarah Reichert said...

Beautiful post. Its often hard to fight the doubts and insecurities. I often wonder why I'm not back in school, learning something 'useful'. But writing fulfills us, and we can't let go of the hope that, someday it will pan out. Thanks for posting!

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